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I just put my 6 year olds feet up on a small laundry basket
Yes we are doing the Synagis as well now. My twins were born at 35 weeks and my insurance is covering the $25,000.00 that it will cost. I have one in preschool and a 2 year old who goes to lots of playgroups so I can see snotty noses coming our way this winter.
We are currently doing the RSV immunizations now since my twins were born at 35 weeks. My insurance covered the cost. Can you believe that its $25,000.00 for my two boys! I worked as a RN the pedi unit many years ago at our local hospital and I've seen so many sick babies suffering from RSV with long hospitalizations and even a few deaths. It scares the pants off of me, especially with one son in preschool and the other who goes to lots of playgroups.
I would advise you to get a small refrigerator for your bedroom if you sleep on a different floor from your kitchen. I pump and put my bottles in there as well as lots of drinks. Nursing 2 babies can really dehydrate you!
I've gained 12lbs so far at 14 weeks and I'm having twins. My goal is 24lbs by 24 weeks and really increasing my protein.
Yikes! You ladies are scaring me! I can't imagine my breasts going from my usual C cup to a H or even G! I didn't even think about breast size being even larger with twins! Ok...off to find some sites on sturdy nursing bra's.
Wow...be grateful for full term with twins! That is my dream! No advice since I'm just starting my 2nd trimester with twins but wishing you a quick and easy delivery soon!
I'm 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I have 2 little guys as well. So tell me what kinds of things are "must haves" for moms with multiples?? How is the EZ pillow? Favorite double stroller? How do I sling 2 babies at once or is just plain impossible while chasing 2 wild boys around? For moms with 4 or more in car seats...where do you place them in the car/van? I have a Toyota Sienna van that seats 7( 2 adults in front, 2 in middle and I think 3 in the way-back) ...
One child was planned but was shocked when we found out we were having TWINS!
I currently pregnant with multiples. I worry how I will get out of the house with a 3 year old, 2 year old and newborn twins. Anyone else have 4 under 4? I love my carriers but can I actually carry 2 babies and chase 2 toddlers while slinging newborns?
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