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Quote: Originally Posted by amcal Honestly, I think I'd just be teaching older DS that he has to respect the fact that some people don't want to be hugged or touched etc... I wouldn't try to make younger DS feel like he has to give physical affection. The issue is with older DS. He needs to learn that it's ok for people to not want to be touched - that's it's not a reflection on him, it's their choice and he needs to learn how to deal with it. If...
No real traditions.............we usually go to one of our parents house and have the big turkey dinner, get a little dressed up. My MIL makes these AMAZING twice baked potatoes that involve heaps of butter and sour cream blended in........those are a MUST HAVE for me. She also makes this salad with gorganzola cheese, candied walnuts, avocados, and rasberry vinegrette dressing. Another must have. Oh now I'm hungry for turkey day food!!!!!!!!!
I don't really agree with making an issue of it. My dd sucked her thumb till she was........about 5 I guess and even at age 3 I could see it less and less. She weaned herself in her own time, I'm going to assume my son will too. I don't think it's that big of a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 That's what my husband says. I keep thinking that this kind of crap wouldn't go down if good people stood up. But on the other hand if he didn't have a family I know he'd be fighting, hard. He's just scared for us. I'll listen to him (and you). I do feel awful for Ron's wife and kids though. I agree, I would feel badly too............but I agree with the others, she'll find out somehow if she doesn't...
You don't have to do it. Your legal recourse is that if they drop you, they have to do it in writing, they have to give you 30 days, and they have to assist you in finding comperable care.
Aw I know how you feel. To say I am terrified of dentists is putting it lightly. It'll be ok.
I don't really think you should do anything. I think your husband needs to get another job ASAP and get out of there. I think you should keep your nose out of it and just help DH get a new job. In my experience, sticking your nose into another relationship that you aren't a part of will just get you in trouble. And, I don't mean to sound paranoid, but when you involved heavy drugs, it's scary to me. People on coke and crack and whatnot don't think like the rest of us and...
I'm a stage-manager.........and yep that's how it is in theatre. So, no normally I wouldn't put up with it, but I do all the time in theatre because that's just how it is.
I prefer the term "normal" birth. From what I've seen these days, it's so normal to have highly medicalized births and c sections that most women just assume natural = vaginal. It's really a weird time we're living in.
No you're not horrible!!!!!!!!!! I admit, I did the same........once my son hit 2, I just figured he'd be potty learning soon anyways so I just got rid of my stash........I don't know what it is about diapering a toddler, but it seems to be such a PITA!
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