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so, i have finally stopped bleeding.  haven't worn a liner or anything for almost a week!  but, the skin on my face is absolutely ridiculous!  it is so dry and is driving me crazy!  it's been this way since about the second week pp and today i am 5 weeks pp.  the lower part of my face along the jawbone is the worst.  looking in the mirror it doesn't look too bad as long as i've put some coconut oil on it.  if i haven't, then my face is covered with white flakes.  when i...
congrats nicmom!!  can't wait to read the story and see his picture!!  
congratulations!  what amazing news!  good luck with your pregnancy!
so, i've noticed that we have 116 members in our group and have had 61 babies and there are only a couple other mamas waiting for their babies.  so where are all the other mamas?  do we just have a lot of lurkers or do we have a lot of non-posters that have had their babes but have not posted?
daylicious- i agree with adore.  for me it was a few days after jack's birth before i pooped.  if i felt like i might have to go, i sat on the toilet but didn't push anything.  when the time was right, the time was right.  i also second the copious amounts of water to help, not only with the pooping but also to keep you hydrated with all of the breastfeeding.  do your nipples hurt throughout a feeding or is just for a little bit at the beginning?  if it's continuous...
congratulations on your baby girl!  
shyingviolet i am so so sorry for your loss.  if i was anywhere close to you, i would be there in a second.  my heart goes out to you.  try and take care of yourself.  i'll be thinking of you and your family.  
congratulations on your beautiful drug free birth!  isn't it great when partners do what we need them to do, even if we don't realize it at the time!
Here are a few of my big boy Jack!                              
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