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congrats to all you new mamas!  love all the names.
carly-we are having the same issue with DS today and being fussy.  i'm pretty sure it's gas too.  he's been farting a bit, but he's been crying and kicking his legs a lot.  i think he's super tired too because DD has been all over him and whenever he fell asleep she seemed to start screaming soon after and would wake him up.  i gave him some colic tablets and then we took a bath with a little lavender essential oil and now he is passed out in my arms.  finally!!!!  i...
what an amazing and beautiful story!  congratulations!
i feel like this time pp hasn't been too bad!  i had a small tear up top and got one stitch.  with DS, i had a tear in the same place but on the opposite side and didn't receive a stitch because the on call doc said that i hadn't torn.  when i looked later with a mirror, it was very obvious to me that i had torn because it looked different than before i had her.  i haven't had any stinging going to the bathroom like i did when i had DD.  my bleeding has been pretty light...
what a quick birth!  congrats!
congrats!  what a beautiful story!
congratulations!  what an awesome story!  i love the picture of you and ada!  
congratulations!  she is so cute!  
what a beautiful story!  congrats!  
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