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congratulations!  i don't know how i would have done doing that all by myself!  
what an amazing story!  thankfully she is here and that everything went well! love her name!  
wow!  congratulations!  what an awesomely quick birth!  
congrats to all the new mommies! 
Jack Tuttle Thomason was born at 9:14 this morning. He is 22" long and weighs 9 lbs 8oz. Born like his sister was: posterior with a nuchal arm. I'll try and write up his birth story in the next few days!
Yay! Congratulations Ashley! I'm so glad your birth turned out the way you wanted it to!
i'm thinking tonight might be the night, or tomorrow.  i've had a few contractions on and off throughout the day but nothing regular until about an hour and a half ago.  then all of a sudden they're in th 5-8 minute apart range.  the closest before that was maybe 20 minutes apart and there weren't many of them.  plus, i've had a little pinkish discharge when i've gone to the bathroom lately.  they didn't go away when i took a bath just now, and i think i'll go lay down...
Yay! Good luck Ashley! Can't wait to hear the official announcement!
Dealic--sorry about your stairs issue. DH made me walk up and down 5+ flights of stairs on Saturday and it was not fun! AFM--saw my ob this morning and I am 4cm @ 40w4d. He stretched me a little hoping that it'll kick start me. He did an u/s to check fluid and everything's looking good. He estimates DS to be over 9# which I'm not thrilled with, but oh well! He scheduled me for a nst on Friday and then another appointment next Tuesday, but he doesn't think he'll see...
Impatient--hell yes! I think part of it has to do with the fact that I am a few days overdue and DD was early. Part of it is because my parents are here and DH and I haven't had the house to ourselves since my mom got here almost 2 weeks ago. My dad just changed his flight plans too, so instead of leaving on Wednesday he is now leaving on Sunday. They are staying at a nearby motel, but they are still here all day from morning until night. DH is especially going batty...
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