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I've heard of Dr. Guy in Dayton delivering breech vaginally. It's not central OH, but worth the drive if it's the only option.
I agree with finding out who her back-up is. You can also hire a post-partum doula.
I agree with using one last name as a middle name. He can still go by both names if he chooses, but only one would be his legal last name to keep things less complicated. I personally don't like the idea of creating a new last name, especially since you and DH would not be changing yours for professional reasons. It doesn't make sense for all 3 of you to have different names.
If you do decide to invite people, just make sure they know ahead of time that you might ask them to leave, and not to take it personally. Make sure your DH/midwife/nurse whoever knows this and will enforce it for you. My mom was like that. She even said, "I barely got to hold the little shit because all he wanted to do was breastfeed." I guess you missed that Facebook post. I refuse to call my baby an "it", and there are only so many times you can say "the baby", so if I...
I also use a regular trash can and a pail liner. It sits in a hallway and we just throw the diapers in and wash every few days. When they have more solid stools, I dump the stool in the toilet then put the diaper int he pail. For some reason, whenever I rinse them, they always stain worse than if I just skipped rinsing.
You sound just like me! I used the baby tub once and from then on I just started bringing them into the tub with me.    
It will be me, DH, kids and the 2 midwives. I've never felt the need to have anybody else watch me give birth, and honestly, I'd prefer to not have visitors for the first couple of days afterward, unless they are bringing me food and are ok with the fact that they probably won't get to hold the baby b/c she will be nursing most of the time.
Just start purposely using gender pronouns, but switch back and forth. That way if you slip, it won't be noticed.
I'm so sorry you were treated like that. I would definitely ask to not see her for any more appointments, and I hope she's not on call when you're in labor.
I have a HotSling and an Ergo. My last kid wasn't really into babywearing, and I never tried it with my first. This one doesn't have a choice b/c I won't have any more free hands, LOL!
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