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Quote: Originally Posted by jillybeans No kidding! One tube of that stuff could power a freaking bobsled team in August in Texas in the sand UPhill. SO TRUE SO TRUE!!!
Hey Amy. I can't help you much with the specific questions you are asking...but to say, def. temp vaginally. The first month I charted in June I did orally - and got way better/higher temps when I switched to temping vaginally. Less erratic..more reliable. The way your chart looks now - I'd say with a temp that high (even vaginally) you have already ovulated. And b/c you have no other vaginal temps plotted, it looks like that you ovulated YESTERDAY. There...
Quote: Originally Posted by stretch358 Binks-sorry about the tooth. Zen-your Chart is still looking good. AFM I'm tired and cranky. I need to go work on cleaning out my grandfathers room tomorrow. yuck. He was a pack rat and it is crazy dusty in there, but DH and I need a place to move to so I need to get on it. Work is crazy Home is crazy and baking season is coming up, I hate it when everything goes to he ll around this time of year. I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybeans Hi all, can I join? Intro first, right? K, I'm Jill. I get my groove on at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon (east-side!) We've got two lovely ladies (note the sig) and are now ttc#3. I'll probably be here a while, and you'll probably grow ill of seeing me. First time took 7 months + clomid, lost dd's twin in the process. Second time took 13 months, clomid, progesterone, the RE not knowing what the freak...
Quote: Originally Posted by alicewyf I just started spotting. BLAH. I think I am going to call my OBGYN on my way home today and see if they got my test results yet. I SO want to be on progesterone next cycle. I feel like this will be a full bleed by tonight. A 9 DAY LP?? UGH. I am so ready to be on meds for this. Im sorry Alice!!! I can't imagine how shitty i'll be feeling if i get my period here in the next day or so. bleh.
Quote: Originally Posted by LibraryMo Thanks! Although this information might be dangerous in my hands, it's like why I scour BFP testimonials for things like "I felt no different" "I had no symptoms until 6 weeks", etc...so that even though I'm not pg I can convince myself for just one more day that it's a possibility. I do the SAME THING! Thats why I started it. Its good 'material'. haaaaaaaaa
woody: so good to hear from you!! how is your husband doing??? I will look at your youtube vid later tonight...and see what I think. ;-) s
My name is Zen. I am a DDC lurker too.
I wouldn't be surprised!! I hope you get it !!!
riiiiiiiiiiight. we've already been through this! hmm. mine are those too. Maybe I aught to pick up some Dollar Tree store ones? Or just wait it out. I have a million of these IC's at home!! Are you feeling crampy at all?? I have VERY VERY slight cramping that comes and goes. I don't know what to make of it. I REALLY am trying hard to ignore all this, because I don't want to set myself up for the overwhleming dissapointment this will be, when/if flo...
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