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Quote: Originally Posted by LibraryMo Good morning! How's the tooth feeling Binkin? Are you able to get in to the dentist? I hope so, relief from tooth pain is wonderful. pbcup - I love going to see live music. DH isn't a big fan, though, so I don't get to go often. It sounds like you had a good time, good for you! It's rainy and gloomy here today and I'm feeling gloomy too. I think it's PMS. Which makes me even gloomier. : Dood. My...
What tests are you using now?
Jilian - how are you getting BFNs!!!???? that chart looks rockin. NYTESONG - I'm sorry about that temp drop
Quote: Originally Posted by binkin Oh Zeeeeeeen.... surely you have a camera so we can evaluate these tests for you.... HA! You are funny. And I already thought of that...even took the pics. And then decided I was DEFINATELY CRAZY. Because the pics make it harder to see, and its already near impossible as is. So no invisible bfp porn for you! Will have to wait another two days to test again. Flo is due today or tomorrow. But I...
BFN. I think I do keep seeing either evap lines or SOMETHING (BARELY) but its after the window. Temps are pretty much chillin. Who freaking knows. RUMISMOM HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by carrot_flowers oh my gosh, you totally burned me!!! touche, my good friend. I love it. You are so OG it aint even funny. 'burn'. next we aught to throw DANG into the mix. But thats not very OG.
haaaaaaaaaaa!!! Or.. My cervix is my slave i like that one too. haaaaaaaaaaa. that is interesting about your temps... I will be on a rip roarin Acupuncture plug if it turns out I am pregnant...because these temps I'm having have been much higher consistently - and I have to believe thats due to either one or the other (or both!). I'm slightly crampy at the moment. Could be FLO??? ack.
Quote: Originally Posted by carrot_flowers i don't know why i'm even humoring you. this is very NOT zen. i am pre-O by a few days. 6 am this morning: 97.10 5:45 pm this evening: 97.79 goodness gracious. what happened to yoga? i am weak. and let us not forget...not long ago you were in the THROWS OF your TWW and couldn't quit messing with your cervix!!! We all turn into total OBSESSIVE FREAKAZOIDS for about 3 days. Your...
Take your temp. like right now. and tell me what it is, and what your BBT was this morning. If you chart. I'm curious if there is any sort of range that is typical between ones BBT and their day/evening temp. Mine is almost always about 1 degree higher. But I've never checked it pre-o...wonder if its the same then too...(the relativity to the BBT).
I wonder if you drink BUM LOADS of water - if that affects your ability to get a good BFP??? I'm a fish. I pee ALL THE TIME. Is this bad? i may have to poaopk tonight! i did it a few days ago and had NADA. I may test tomorrow....
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