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aufilia: green: thanks for the hope!! but i'm not feelin' it? I have NO SYMPTOMS too...but I usually don't feel PMS symptoms hard until the day of, maybe the day before. once again, tomorrows temp may be more telling. i don't know how i will ever sleep!! it was hard last night!! s
Quote: Originally Posted by Olerica You are SO full of crap. : You could be pregs, you are only 10 DPO. Don't give up on this one yet. ALL: We have a chat going. PM me or Anonyma if you can/want to join. awww....I love it it when you talk dirty to me.
oh my sweet friends: anonyma, binks, pbutt - it just wasnt our time. and i say this - because i've read all your posts this morning....and I'm 99.9% certain - with no rises in sight for the last 4 days - that this isn't MINE either. 10dpo - BFN again. Temps ranged from 97.9 - 98.4 throughout the night. I so think I'd have gotten some kind of rise by now if I were pregs. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. : Now I just want my period. And to move on...
Quote: Originally Posted by peanutbuttercup Thank you so much. You just made me cry. That was exactly what I needed someone to say. You're the best. oh no!! DONT DO THAT!! Then I cry!!! We really do need MDC CHAT - for precious moments just like THIS!!!!!! Although, I think we could totally FRY it with the amount of chat attack that could occur between a group of our size. I'm srsly - going to leave now and cook dinner. HOW...
Quote: Originally Posted by anonyma Well, I'm still at the tail end of this two week wait... The next time I'm in GA, I'm absolutely coming to find you. And BFF is from Rome, originally, and we end up going to her mom's cabin in Blue Ridge every couple of years, so you won't be able to hide forever, ma'am. Please do. I know of a FABULOUS place we can saddle our preggo bellies up to a bar - and order shots of chocolate milk and shoot'em with...
re: what heather said...about needing to see more BFPs and stuff.... AMEN! And I am to please. So I'll be working on this for you. Although I probably won't deliver tomorrow. Will you accept a Friday BFP?
oh good lord. binkin - can you make us a turtle nom nom'ing on one thems? then we can say PITY PARTY WEINERS!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! we sure do like our baked goods up in here eh? pbutt: YAY FOR YOUR LOVELY DAY! Too bad we can't have a tempy-taking-hpt decorating slumber party tonight! We'd throw down. I'm sure. ALL SORTS OF GOOD VIBES TO YOU TONIGHT. I'll be thinking of you. olerica: i'm so happy you are enjoying your acupuncture - i think it rocks -...
Quote: Originally Posted by anonyma We are going to hit 100 pages before the weekend! It's the magic of Ricktober, I tells you! omg. your responses here have me laugh out loud so often. srsly. Becky. when can we meet for a beer??
Welcome Phoenix! May your days here be short...and sweet :
I don't think there is anything wrong with 3am temping!! How could I??? HA!!!!!!! In fact, every month, I consider just putting myself out of the torturous 6am wait, and moving my temp time - just cuz. I always wake up on my own sometime between 3-4am every night. Might has well....maybe then i could actually REST aftewards (I always seem to go to sleep quite nicely once Im done temping at 6am!). Go figure.
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