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Any ideas, or can you point me to a website for ideas? I started this stuff with my older daughter when she was 2, so I don't know what you acn do with a younger kid.  My dd2 is 17 months old and I want to try pouring beans, lentils, water from a jug into a cup, or something like that.  I know about Chasing Cheerios but lately it's been really boring.
What are mimosas?
Ideas please for dd's party next Saturday!  Already have pass the parcel, musical statues, musical spots ~(like musical chairs)....what else?  Hopefully an outside party if it's nice.
I came here to ask info about moving to Florida too!   MamaPisces, just curious why you wouldn't raise kids in Orlando or Miami?   What do you mean about summers being brutal? I mean, how hot does it get?
My mom and brother are telling me it is.  What's the deal?
I'm thinking of getting a knitting fork for dd1's 4th birthday.  I'm not a knitter, and I don't know how fun this would be for her.  Is it fun to make long chains of yarn?  She has good concentration and fine motor skills....but do long chains get really boring quickly?   Also, can you make your own knitting fork? I showed dh a photo online and he says he thinks he could, but what are the dimensions?
Ideas please!  We have watercolors, I made her a Waldorf doll for Christmas, she has playsilks, I made wool felt stuffed animals and floor puppets....  I'm thinking of a knitting dolly or similar, like this stuff: http://www.myriadonline.co.uk/knitting-sets-including-organic-wool-kits.php
We're getting her a pedal bike to follow on from her balance bike, and I made her a little clutch purse...I'm thinking some sort of crafty thing.  Like a knitting dolly like these things http://www.myriadonline.co.uk/knitting-sets-including-organic-wool-kits.php  or something for beginner knitting, or something else completely different?   We live in the UK but are in the US right now visiting, so I could get something here in the next couple days before we go back.
  Thanks so much, that is excellent information and now I'll get her a cheap pinky one and not worry about it!  
We live in the UK but are visiting my family in the US and I don't know the healthy snacks here.  I'm looking for sugar free things, for example I found Kashi 7 whole grain puffs cereal and Nature's Path millet rice flakes.  And dried apple rings, and some sugar snap peas.   Most cereals have sugar or evaporated cane syrup, or high fructose corn syrup!   It's hard to find stuff my 15 month old will eat because she loves some things for a couple days and then is done...
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