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Are these houses so cheap only because of foreclosure or are they in bad areas?  They are $30,000 to $50,000!!   http://viewatlantahomesnow.com/search/listing/191-2000002546682?page=1&o=13   http://viewatlantahomesnow.com/search/listing/191-2000003295225?page=1&o=2   http://viewatlantahomesnow.com/search/listing/191-2000003009350?page=1&o=11
Wow, thanks BetsyS, this is soo helpful.  I wonder, can you rent a house or can you only rent an apartment?
  Where or what is ITP?   And another question.  After realizing we might not be able to afford a $120,000 house on one income (maybe we can, I don't know) I've looked at houses in the $30,000-50,000 range and they look cute and compared to what we have or even could ever have here in England, they're huge and wonderful!  But are cheap houses built in the 80's bad for some reason, like major expensive repairs or something?  These for...
Thanks! What's an HOA and why is it better not to have one?  Did you mean there are no older homes or there are, and that's better?
Great idea!  I'm going to try and find out.
I don't know if anyone here would happen to know, but might as well ask! We're going to stay with some American military friends in Stuttgart, Germany in a few days. I saw online that that's where Waldorf Steiner education began. So I wondered if there are any Waldorfy places there we should go to? Toy shops or anything?   I don't think my friends would know, they're older and their kids are grown up and they've only been there a couple years.
I'm American but live in Eastbourne.  Anyone else here too?
  I'm from Kingston!  But I live in England now.  I wonder if we might know each other? I know, not incredibly likely, but possible!  I went to Rondout Valley High School and mostly lived in Stone Ridge.
Is it possible to have a house for around $100,000 in this area on only one average income? Like if my husband had some office based job, not a really low salary but not like a doctor or anything....or is it hard to say?    Also, if you own a property, do you have to pay property tax and school tax every year? I think it's like that in NY State where I grew up.
Wow, this is all so helpful everyone!  I was looking last night at houses for sale and there are sooooooo many and they all look re-possessed!  So we were thinking, there must not be many jobs around there these days?  My husband has an office based job working with social housing.  The housing side, not the social work side.  Is there anything like that there?
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