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Been wearing babies for years! Love every part of it.
Great story and great pics!! Congrats!
Conrats on a beautiful girl and birth story!
Congrats mama!!!
Holy cheeks!!!! Beautiful story (except MIL pissing you off)! Congrats!
Malcolm is beautiful!!!
Here is Alayna Lilly  
Yea!!! Congrats
Alayna Lilly arrived Wednesday, Oct 5th at 4:20 pm. She is 37 weeks 6#6oz, and beautiful!!   Quick birth synopsis:   I had posted earlier on this DDC about my heart issues. Well, they had become progressively worse, leading to two hospital admissions, one at 35 weeks and one a 36 weeks. The baby was not tolerating the heart episodes I was having. I went home on a cardiac monitor last week. The plan was this Tuesday, Oct 4th, at 37 weeks, was to do an amnio for...
New Posts  All Forums: