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I know it's really difficult to feel like a homebirth is affordable when we can birth in the hospitals for free, or close to it with insurance. But honestly, you can't pay enough for the type of care you get at home in comparison. I would just hate to find out I was being given lip service, and being baited to birth with a group, any group, only to have them switch on me in labor. And, while Kay and Debbie are amazing, you might want to actually interview with them and...
True, this weekend at Northside Forsyth I noticed it said "No children under 12 unless they are the patient's children"(though, I don't think that would make or break a birth place for me personally)
You are likely to find this policy in effect in several hospitals, due to flu season. It's not just one hospital.
If you have the ability to see Intown with this other insurance plan, why not go talk to them? I dont' really think you'll have to worry too much about traffic. And if you do find yourself in early labor near rush hour, you can go down NEAR the hospital, and just not go IN the hospital until you feel that labor is well established. If you do end up hiring a doula she can help you decide when it's "time to go"
a second vote for gabirthnetwork.com
Of course you have a choice Get on the phone with your HR rep through which ever company you have your insurance through and tell them that the birth options for Kaiser are awful and you need to switch insurance plans. And there is always the option of paying out of pocket (not realistic for a hospital birth I know, but you could also pay a homebirth midwife) And as for keeping your baby with you. That is YOUR BABY. Between you and either your partner, or a family...
The drive is worth it. I promise. When you have a provider that is more willing to listen to you and respect your choices, much like Intown Midwifery...it's worth the drive. I drove 2 hours round trip in my last pregnancy to see my preferred provider. I hope you decide to make the switch! Good luck!
check out the questions and suggestions threads. not much
aw My kids just went back to public school this year. How old are your children?
I started when I was 19 I'll be 29 next month though
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