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Thank you both so much. I think that posting my story here has been healing for me.
Hello folks: I had a beautiful, healthy and amazing boy on August 21st. I hadn't posted here after the birth because I still feel a bit traumatized over it. Essentially, I had a UP and was planning upon a UC. I labored at home for close to three days and my water refused to break. After being up for 72+ hours, my husband took me to the hospital. Initially, the nurses were kind, but when I was moved to labor and delivery, I did get lectured at by a nurse for not...
Astoria is wonderful! My husband and I spent a part of our honeymoon there and it remains a very special place for us. Welcome to the boards - I'm new too.
Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm in Upland.
Hello! I just registered today, but I have lurked for awhile. Anyhow, my husband and I are expecting our daughter in the middle of August. I'm 32.
Hello everyone, I've been lurking on this forum, so I thought that it was about time for me to introduce myself. I'm a graduate student and my husband and I are expecting our first child in the middle of August. This is a wonderful community and I have learned so much from all of you.
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