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Quote: Originally Posted by UberMama Glad I'm not the only one that thinks about these things. I've had a lot of signs this cycle, including DS2 asking my DH today, "Is Mommy pregnant?" just very very out of the blue. We don't talk about the possibility of another baby around them really, so when he asked that - DH and I just shot one another a look. I hope everything is a sign for you that this cycle is IT. Awwww and for you, too,...
Quote: Originally Posted by skeeter30 You're there already girl...check it out!! Awww...that's so great, northerngirl!! Congrats to you!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl Maybe positive to him... scares the crap out of ME LOL!! Or maybe it's his way of keep the mood light while we're POAS all of the time. Men have their own special way......
I think we went with the Royal Potty or something like that. But DS only used it for a couple of months before he moved to the "big seat" and we went from there. Now, he's standing to go pee and is doing very well. He's almost 3.5 years old.
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl MEN! mine told me having twins on the sims was a good sign cuz he wants identical twin boys Oh my goodness!! At least they know how to keep things positive.
It's funny, cause I showed the formula to H, right and he looked at me and smirked and said "well, maybe it's a sign?" Good grief!! LOL
I took an FP test to find out if I was pg with DS and that was in the evening....around 6pm or so. I remember, 'cause H was on his way to a softball game! Anyhoo, I didn't drink a ton of water, though, before I peed. Just did the usual and that was it.
I've been seeing babies and pregnant women all OVER the place recently and then today, when I got home and checked the mail, I found a package sent to me from Enfamil. It was there latest formula. DS was ff due to bf'ing challenges and lack of knowledge, etc., (long story). Anyhow, I'll be dontaing the formula to DS's daycare, but I thought to myself - wow, now if those aren't signs that something is going to happen soon, I don't know else would be!! Oh, besides the...
Quote: Originally Posted by northerngirl Ok here it is http://s566.photobucket.com/albums/s...t=DSC03559.jpg What do you think? Without a doubt - BFP!! Congrats, northerngirl!!! :
Quote: Originally Posted by swd12422 Must be some weird planetary alignment or something. I'm having one of those days, too, and I don't know why! It's gotta be something with the moon. I don't know. But if it happens again, I may go insane. It's happened numerous times before today and this person really needs to come to grips with themselves and wake up!
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