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If you can, I'd definitely change docs and / or hospitals.  Whatever your decision ultimately is regarding timing and mode of delivery, those decisions should be your families' decision, made with good information and based on you particular situation.  A doctor who's unwilling to discuss a patient's informed preferences raises serious red flags for me.   Good news is that you have some time to find a better doc, and that things are good so far.  You might find your...
Yup, I thought about this too!  But it was never a problem.  One twin was a pound heavier at birth, and that made them look totally different to my eye anyway.  They just were so different - different expressions, reactions, lovey.  I never had trouble.    But the color coding is a good idea.  As much as I remember knowing who was who, they're a lot more alike in pictures.  Looking back years later, there are times I could only tell who's who from the...
I have some reservations about CPM licensing - I'm a twin mom, and worry that licensing will explicitly prevent MWs from treating other moms like me.    But in hopes that Maryland can improve the bigger picture of maternity care in MD, I signed.  It's a good start!  (PS - I'm a Marylander now, despite what it says under my avatar.)
Our was great, and my husband was very impressed with what can be a difficult thing for little one.  But our docs are in Arnold, down by Annapolis.  Hopefully you can find someone closer!  
What cuties!  Congrats all around, and best wishes for a long, happy baby-moon!
My kids were older than yours when the got too long, or maybe the just like to curl up longer.  But when we outgrew the pillow, sad day that it was, we mostly tandem nursed lying down.  One babe on each side, feet generally all in the same direction.  Might be awkward at first, but they grow into it.   Some of my best memories from our early years were laying down nursing at the end of the day, my husband reading something fun aloud to us.   Good luck, and don't...
Sounds good, best wishes!  
Just PM'ed you, let me know if it works out!  
I had a wonderful homebirth with our di-di twins, on the East Coast so I can't help with a midwife.  But what I've learned from the process is that you do have to be a careful shopper.  Out of sheer dumb luck I ended up with a wonderful midwife, the backup of my original less-competant midwife who had to leave halfway into labor.  The backup midwife was experienced from serving the Amish, and had caught something like 40 sets of twins before mine, and came equipped with...
Wow, that is very, very sad.  I shouldn't have mentioned that twin mom in my original post, and edited it out.  But it's been haunting me.   With you on the soap box, Baltimoremom!  But stepping down now.
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