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I've found my baby is getting less likely to move as much. At my ultrasound on Monday, the woman giving me the ultrasound had to wake up the baby. I think they are gearing up at this point. If I spread out (usually lie down so babe has more room) and eat or drink something with some quick calories, I can usually feel 4 or 5 distinct movements within about 20 minutes. There could be a chance that your amniotic fluid is low. I don't know of any way to diagnose...
I'm here too. Now that I've made it this far, I'd like to get to the end of the week and be over this cold. As of today I'm 40+4. And at 4 cm. The OB offered to sweep my membranes today, but I declined. I've had two BPP, and they show everything is fine in there.
I had another appointment today. BPP showed everything is looking good at 40 +4. At least the OB I like is on call most of this week, while my doctor is out. At this point, I feel like I might as well go to at least Friday, so I can have Christmas week off. But I am so tired. And so sick. And ready for people to stop talking to me about when the baby is going to get here and what I should do about it.
It sounds really stressful! I can't say I've BTDT, but I do at least have a little advice. There are two books you may want to see if your library has: What Color is Your Parachute. You've probably heard about this one - it's supposed to help you figure out what you want to do. The other is How Would Confucius Ask For A Raise. It's been a while since I've read it, but it's a lot of short takes on working. What I took away from it is that some people work to live...
Didn't do too much, feeling tired and too pregnant. BUT, I did sort through a few things in the closet of my clothes that I am moving. Some shirts that I have been hanging on to and wearing, despite their holes, when into the rags/fabric pile. Having decent, but limited, maternity clothes has given me more confidence in having less clothes. (Of course, you're not getting me to part with any of my shoes or accessories!)
Good luck! And what is the sinful food? I found some Lindt dark chocolate cherry chili bars on clearance at Walgreens on Friday. I swear I would share if you were close by.
Bringing balloons, chocolate and some wine to the pity party! I hope you go soon! I am frustrated with the lack of progress here. I've been 3 cm for 3 weeks (maybe more) and can't believe there's nothing going on for me at 40 + 3. It doesn't help that my OB thought I would go early. She even offered around 35 weeks to schedule an induction for 39 weeks. (To which she got a big NO WAY.) At least DH, while his is impatient too, is being supportive of me trying to...
Hoping your pains turn into something soon! Do you always have the same nurse? What a maroon! And a virtual bonk on the head to your DH for whatever he did!
Quote: Originally Posted by HarperCait Ugh. I'm so uncomfortable right now. I'm 40+3. ... I was actually really zen and patient all day, but then I was woken up by DH and his stupid cell phone, ... stupid sleep, ... stupid times, ... left all his stupid sh*t lying ... I hope to not offend, but you really cracked me up with all the stupids. I feel you. DH is sick with the flu or dehydration or something. And is not going to bed at a decent...
Congrats, Cristeen! Hope all of you - including your throat - is feeling better soon.
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