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I am not the squash expert in my family, but DH says to pick them when the vine attached to the squash dries out/goes from green to yellow/brown.
Skydancer, I'm with you. I am obsessively trying to keep the laundry done, the dishwasher running, food stocked. But not leaving TOO many leftovers in the fridge since I plan to be in the hospital for two days. (As soon as I get off MDC, it's to the basement for another load of laundry.)
Yeah, there seems to be no middle ground. Excited, sad, scared, IRRITABLE, P-O'ed. I just pick one and stay with it. Today was actually a good day - got a lot done and got my nap. But tomorrow it's back to work for the m-f week, and I know I'm going to be IRRITABLE.
I wear some extra long tank tops that cover the belly. I think mine are (non-maternity) ones from Hathaway that I bought at Costco. I think the belly bands are a good idea - if you are crafty, maybe you could whip some up for the last few weeks.
I think I'm in nesting mode today! I'm trying to get lots of laundry done, cause that's something that's hard for me to hand over to DH post birth. * Get the baby girl clothes out of the house. PROGRESS! I've got them sorted and boxed! I'll take some to work tomorrow, another set goes to neighbors, and another set will go home with my Mom post birth. * Set up DD's new room. PROGRESS! Books, shelves, stuffed animals are moved in. Curtains are still in the hands...
38 (GULP!) weeks, and I pick up my 4.5 year old DD. I don't carry her as much as I did a couple of months ago. I would say just listen to your body.
I'm with you, and I'm a second time mom. In some ways, I feel less prepared. We didn't do childbirth classes. And working and mothering takes so much time that I haven't been reading and preparing like I did with the first. (Just washed the baby's laundry last night.) At the same time I have a bit more confidence that I can roll with it. The first time around, the hormones after birth really helped quell a lot of nervousness about the baby. Labor and caring...
I just wanted to update from today's doctor appointment. I'm still at the same dilation and effacement. I've been taking it as easy as possible, crossing my legs, trying to put my feet up. Mostly, if I feel a contraction, I sit down and chill out. After this week at work, I'm okay with going whenever. Although I have begun to favor the first day of Fall as a birth date.
Quote: Originally Posted by BeanSprout Mama The ones that get me are "wow, you have gotten huge!" and "the baby has dropped a lot!" Yeah. I am the one waddling around with a baby head between my knees and a 30 pound medicine ball attached to my midsection. I've noticed. But gosh, thanks for pointing it out. It sure makes me feel awesome about myself. HAHA! I may use that on my husband. I don't think I'm brave enough to use it at work.
* Get the baby girl clothes out of the house. I'm just waiting to hear from my sister in law on Friday. Then I can split up among 3 or 4 folks. * Set up DD's new room. So far, the dresser is in there. I ordered curtains this morning. More furniture will probably get moved tonight. * Get my closet organized. No progress yet. * Organize the kitchen better. Hmm. I'm not hopeful on this one. * Watch and swap my movies. Shipping out two today! A drop in...
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