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None. Probably time to have it checked out.
Congrats arbybee! What a major step! I'm actually starting to work a few hours from home for my familys business. My problems that I can't get long enough stretches while Savian entertains himself to do anything. I already have to put him down throughout the Day to pump and that is about the limit for him. I am looking for a babysitter for about 8 rs a week.
Christy - I have had some luck wearing him down until he is asleep and then transferring to a rocking seat.  The motion keeps him asleep longer than if I just laid him down.  My guy is the same in that he has to be in contact with me.  I have tried pillows and shirts I have been wearing to see if I could trick him into thinking I was still there, but no luck.
OMG, I just looked at that second pic and realized he is getting so tall!  I might have to put on the extension headrest for his carseat in the next few months.  Crazy!
Definitely not hungry all the time.  I have been trying to eat to the point where I stay flat or gain a bit weight wise while I was building my supply back up.  I am back at full supply now.  I used domperidone to get back quickly because I wasn't able to get any letdowns via pumping and am now weaning myself back off while still maintaining supply.   I am now breastfeeding at night and pumping during the day.   I have a VERY hard time getting letdowns.  I know it is...
My guy is definitely in the catnap group.  He takes short 30-45 min naps throughout the day.  Once he has been up for 1.5 to 2 hours he has to go down for a nap.  If not, then the teething starts to really bother him, he gets fussy and all hell breaks loose.  He sleeps pretty well at night, only waking every 3-4 hours until about 5 am, when he starts to wake more frequently due to gas.      The little catnaps really suck.  You can't get anything done in 30 minutes....
Chiromama - that is so cute!  My guy isn't even 4 months so I have a while.
I am pumping and nursing due to a latch problem with Savian.  If I nurse exclusively, it is too hard on him and he gets too tired out to.  The lactation consultant said to try to feed no more than 3.5-4 oz at each bottle feeding to mimic a breastfeeding session.  If he is used to larger meals it may be harder to transition at first but that he would only be taking in that much at the breast so you need to do the same with the bottle.  If you give larger meals he may go...
Last I posted, we were going to have Savian's posterior tongue tie snipped.  We did and the procedure went well but it has been a month now and still no progress on the latch.  He may open up wide enough initially, but will then slip off and slurp the nipple back in.  For a couple weeks I was pumping like a mad woman to try and build my supply back up.  The first day I pumped (no nursing) I got 4 oz and not a single letdown - all milk via breast compressions.  My supply...
He also has a very high palate which is probably why the posterior TT is causing such a problem.  I assume if it was one or the other, it wouldn't be an issue as much but with both he can't get his tongue to the roof of his mouth.  Poor baby!
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