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My beautiful, social, smart, amazing boy has just been diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive. I know nothing and don't know where to begin as far as diet, resources, books, etc. I want to start with diet intervention before I can get to the reading, which will take more time - can anyone help me with all of this???
I love this thread why, when I press the "quick reply" button, does it quote the last posting? I thought I used to press it and it would just give me a quick reply box on the thread instead of opening a reply box with the quoted message...
so is this forum not doing what it was meant to when we initiated it? I was one of the originator's of the CLW forum at MDC, and it was always meant to support mothers with older nurslings who were allowing the weaning process to happen naturally. It was never meant to be a forum to discuss how to wean in any other way than child-led weaning. And in that regard it would be more about support for mom's who nurse their child for 3, 4, 5 or more years.
the card is awful - but the comments on that link are hilarious!
I love this thread! Thanks for coming back. Did you miss us?
my sister lives in SF... maybe I'll give her a call
s and prayers for you and your family
ds is 5 but what has been working really well for us lately is "it's my turn to talk" - I think he understands this concept and that he will get a turn soon. I'll even say "it's my turn to talk, and when I'm done, it's your turn"
I hate to break it to you... but if you've seen one, you've got a colony! I'm still struggling with this in my home .....
I don't acknowledge everyone I pass (live in NYC; lots of people here), but I do make eye contact or smile or say hello with more regular faces on the street. And I'll stop anyone who has the same breed dog as mine to say hello; and sometimes almost any other dog owner, especially if I'm walking my dog, because the dogs inevitably introduce themselves, anyway. My son draws a lot of attention, too, so we become engaged with strangers often when he is with me. If I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: