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Gismo, my RE said that the recurrent loss testing was basically blood clotting disorders that wouldn't cause such an early loss. He also said they were upwards of $5k and my insurance doesn't cover anything. But I would be really interested in hearing more about what your loss testing entailed. I'm so sorry for all your losses!
I had sharp pains on the side I ovulated from this morning so I went in for an US and more bloodwork. You know it's bad when the RE says "well the best case scenario is that this is a normal uterine pregnancy that's just failing. But we won't be able to rule out an ectopic for another week or so. There is a fraction of a percent of a chance that this could be viable, but you will probably lose it soon."   So, bye bye baby number 3. When all of you have your healthy,...
My US isn't until the 18th, but I'm pretty sure I am losing this one. It would basically take a freak medical miracle for this to end in anything other than miscarriage.
OMG, this whole time I thought PVS referred to, um, P[male organ]V[female organ]Sex!! Hahahaha! OK, I'm embarrassed now!   AFM, bleeding has increased, light cramping today. My ultrasound isn't until the 18th, but I can't imagine not bleeding it all out by then. There's no way I can imagine this ending well. I've been feeling better about it, I guess. I could take pregnancy tests I guess and see if the line it getting lighter. But basically a complete medical miracle...
Oh Scarlett, I am so incredibly sorry. What a terrible roller coaster. Loss after trying SO LONG is just incredibly unfair and heartbreaking. x 1 million
We had an ultrasound scheduled for a week from Thursday, when I'd be 6w5d. I'm 5w1d today, and had another beta. Still very very low (299 at 23 DPO), and the doubling time went from 1.5 days (between betas 1 and 2, and 2 and 3) to 3.5 days between beta 3 and todays (#4). There are no words for how much this sucks. Once again I return to the thought that there's no way this could mean a live baby.
I went for another blood draw and it was only 299. I'm 5w1d. And that means my doubling time went from 1.5 days to 3.5 days The RE says they just want to wait till the ultrasound next Thursday. Once again I fail to see how this could possibly produce a live baby. Today is not my favorite day.
Scarlett! That looks so great! I have heard horror stories about blue dye tests (there's even a big thread about it on the TTC forum) so I'm with indigo and think you should run out IMMEDIATELY and get a FRER (the "early response" one, not the rapid results). Dollar tree tests are also good (better than blue dye I think). I also got a positive digital on a Clear Blue Easy test when my blood test an our later revealed that my blood hcg was a 10 (!) so i think they are swell...
Quote: Originally Posted by lesliesara63 Just wishing that after IF and three miscarriages that I could have a get out of jail free card. Just get pregnant and not have to worry about losing the baby. Right?! I am bleeding again. Why can't it just be OK? Jenger I'm so sorry, I hate those. They are like a slap in the face. We know a couple who got preg the first try with their first kid and they were going to start trying again right around...
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