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I am bleeding again. I hope it stops. Why can't things just be normal? Why is this my path?
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm pretty sure my acupuncturist wants me on no decaf either, I will ask her why. But I am feeling better about a possible occasional cup.
I get the no-caffeine piece. And I know most commercial decaf coffees are decaffeinated with chemicals so I get why one might not want to drink those either. But I know from the numerous caffeine threads that have been on here that people still avoid even-water processed decaf...why? <-- me praying for a delicious cup of coffee!
Quote: Originally Posted by kgulbransen Try to stalk me once more? I had a temp jump today to 98.3 which is unusual for me but I'm also traveling so not sure... http://tcoyf.com/members/caliblondie...spx?chart=7337 I still can't see it...
That sounds like good news! I'm sorry it's been such a hard week for you and that you are finally getting the care that you need
Starling, that's great news!! Scarlett, good luck with the testing! Max How long will you be on bed rest for? I am sending all kinds of fast healing vibes. Do you know when you will start your cycle? I'm feeling fine and not pregnant, but not bleeding. US was moved to the 18th so we could be more likely to see a heartbeat. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow!
mindfulmomma that's great news! Silverbird, no you don't need to do real bedrest. When we did the insem at the midwife's office, I laid there on the table for about 20 minutes after and then took it easy for the day. At-home IUIs we did when I could have at least an hour to lay there, preferably at night so I could just get into bed.
APmama, I am not charting (didn't at all this cycle cos we did a trigger shot and temps have gotten me so freaked out the last few cycles), but I ran out of tests on Wednesday and I am considering getting more today. It is reassuring to see lines get darker, but I am SO SUSCEPTIBLE to freaking myself out that I am not sure it's a good idea. I don't think you are crazy at all!
I just want to post a huge for everyone on this thread, and I wish for strong, healthy pregnancies and babies that we all get to meet and get irritated with when they steal the car as angsty teens I'm so sorry for everyone's losses and sorry that a thread like this has to exist, but I'm sure glad it does. I think I may be experiencing pregnancy hormones? Cos I love you all and I love all your babies! Hahah!
OMG smartycat what great pics. I love the family one! So sweet! Congrats!
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