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My bleeding slowed down to spotting on Tuesday, then yesterday I had only the faintest traces of blood, and since last night, not even spotting, so that's extremely reassuring. Scarlett, please move when you have a chance! Mizyellow that sucks! I haven't had an ear infection as an adult but I had them ALL THE TIME until into my teens. That sounds awful! And seraf that sounds like a HORRIBLE night! OMG! I'm so sorry! Good healing vibes to both of your...
We did IUIs with frozen sperm from a bank - they ship it in this big bio-freeze container that looks like a 2 foot tall fat mushroom and it's filled with dry ice. We would get two vials and do one at a time. We brought it to room temp by letting it just sit out, then I put it in my armpit to bring it to body temp. About doing IUI at home - my partner is a tattoo artist and is very comfortable with sterile procedures, so we had an instruction session and the first actual...
WOW! Thanks for the party everyone! It is so appreciated. Especially since I still feel a little tentative...it's good to have you all who can express the excitement and the joy for me till I get all the way there.
Quote: Originally Posted by osker That's been a long time coming, eh? A year and a half, and two early losses. I'm SO ready for this!! Thanks!
Please keep us posted!
no5no5 it is early, I will be 6w1d. I wonder if they wanted to do it a bit early because my numbers are so low, to rule out ectopic? They said they generally do them at about 6 weeks. I'll be glad to see everything in the right place. Heartbeat will be a total bonus. (Remind me of that if I come back here freaking out about not being able to see the heartbeat!)
I meant it's totally possible that you had two implant and one didn't hang on. I don't think you would be likely to see any evidence on an early us. Repeating betas will probably tell you sooner than an us could how things are going.
I think that's totally possible. Do you have another beta scheduled?
Silverbird, you don't need injections for IUI, but I think that's pretty common. We did our first 7 cycles as IUI at home actually, no other intervention (we were using frozen sperm). But even if we had wanted to do it at the midwifes, we could have done it without the other interventions. I ovulate normally, but took clomid these last two cycles, both of which resulted in a pregnancy (and hopefully this one sticks!!) My doctor suggested it because there didn't seem to...
Yes!!! Bring on the veg!!! My due date is July 9th. Thank you all for any energy you can spare to send our way.
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