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OMG I cannot tell you how nice it feels to get dancing veggies! Thanks everyone!
Um, hi I think I may be ready to join. After what can only be described as 6 days of the most heinous emotional roller coaster that I've ever been on, including bleeding, cramping, low betas and all, I got my third beta and it looks like everything is going in the right direction! The numbers are still low (133, and I'm now at 19DPO) and after two other early losses I am still EXTREMELY cautiously optimistic, but, I am pregnant RIGHT NOW! Due date is July 9th, and our...
I got my third beta and it doubled again!!!!!!!! Still low (133) but the RE is totally unconcerned, they say everything looks great, and my first US is the 15th.
You guys! I got my third beta back and it doubled again! Even faster than the last time! It's still low (133) but the RE said everything looked fine from their side and nothing that would cause concern. And my first ultrasound is the 15th! This was TOTALLY not the news I was expecting AT ALL. I am completely floored. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY BABY!
133!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doubled faster than the last ones! I absolutely cannot believe it and am in total shock. She said that everything looked totally normal, and my first ultrasound is the 15th. I hope that this one stays for good, oh please oh please oh please! OK off to pass out or throw up or poop my pants or something.
Haha, yes I get the results at 4pm today! That's so funny, when we were waiting for the second beta and my partner was at work, I texted that it wouldn't be ready till 4 and she thought the same thing! Oh, wow, it was nice to smile then, thanks MIND#$%# INDEED! Thanks so much, and I will definitely post my results as soon as I get them.
I'm losing my $%#@ today. The third beta results come back at 4. I had half a dozen terrible dreams last night that all involved this pregnancy coming to an end. I took a preg test this morning (different brand than what I have been using) and it was pretty light. I spent halloween bleeding and convinced it was over, and when the woman was doing my blood draw this morning she was being chatty and asked how my halloween was. And I just lost it crying. Five more LONG and...
HOORAY!!!!! Go baby go!! That's SO great. That's a fast double!! Congratulations, I'm so glad you are feeling better about it. Happy, healthy, and TOTALLY uneventful 9 months to you.
apmama07, YES to acu!! I went to my acupuncturist within hours of the bleeding starting, and again yesterday. She's $80 a session, but specializes in fertility and I basically consider her my primary care provider right now. Yeah, DAILY would be awesome
It's highly unlikely that I will stick around. But, like no5no5 says, I am pregnant NOW! We had an early loss (4w3d?) the very first month we tried, then nothing till we got pregnant again in July, but by the time I got the positive I was already bleeding, and my betas were 7, then 2. We changed a lot of stuff while taking a break, got pregnant again and I was SO SURE this was it and everything was fine. Before I got the test results from the first beta (on Friday -...
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