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I've been reading through the posts & am happy to have found it. My ds - Joshua is 18 mo & can be considered a crystal/rainbow child. His "sister" - not of human form (at least not yet) has been communicating with me for years & Joshua has been telepathically communicating with me & my friend who is a "medical intiutive" since conception. My life changed very much like many of you, becoming vegan, at times raw, living a more healthy, balanced life. I am...
DS has just gone through a few weeks of teething, 14mo, and yesterday I used Gum-omille for the first time, which has clove oil. The teething ended, but now he has this bad diaper rash -really raw & we ec, he's always instantly changed if he does go in his diaper. I really think it's the clove, it's been the only difference for him or I (he's bf). I used it sparingly, but I guess not sparingly enough. Anyone else experience this?
good to know, i'm going to try that w/ the coat ds got that stinks like moth balls, I've washed at a few time & it seems to get worse. & it was bought new (too bad it got put in the wash before we smelled it - thanks to someone who was "trying" to help). Anyone have experience w/ moth balls? Febreeze & Fabuloso, my mom loves them, i often have a hard time just walking into her house, until I find the open bottle of fabuloso, close it & open the window. nasty stuff.
Hi All, I need to find some help for the next two weeks, starting asap. Someone to come to my home from Mom-Fri 12-3 & take care of my son, while I'm at home. I'm open to having a mom come & have a paid play date. I live in Juno Beach - North Palm Beach, Off US1 & Juno Isles (north of PGA, S of Donal Ross) Thanks! Lori
You may want to try contacting Denise Punger, she is in Ft Pierce & an MD & lactation consultant, & has personal experience w/ BF toddlers. Her husband is also an MD. She comes highly recommended by the 2 birthing centers I contacted in Hollywood & Boca when looking for a pediatrician for my LO. Here is her bio from her website http://www.twofloridadocs.com/Dr Denise Punger is recognized for her ability to identify and manage complications of breastfeeding,...
nope, i try but I can't seem to fall asleep that way. thanks for the suggestion. he had me up all night last night, about every 1/2hr to hr, then i took him potty & he didnt go back to sleep yet
i'm ready to chop mine off too, my sisters wedding is in 3 weeks & then I'm seriously going to consider it. I'm at the point that because I put my hair up & he pulls it, all these little short hairs are making bangs. I love my long hair, but I can't stand how it looks now. Ewwww, when he gets just a few strands, OUCH! Would be fun to just shave my head, but I dont know if I could, my hair is just part of me, whenever it gets cut too short I regret it & I feel...
DS is 1yr & he wakes every 2-3 hrs to nurse for a few min & then right back to sleep. When dh picks him up & walks him he will usally go back to sleep, but now that dh is working alot he can't get up with ds & I'm just too tired, lack of sleep, to fully get up so I just nurse him. Well I know he is teething now, but this morning for over an hour he didn't want to stop nursing. So tonight I'm trying the walking (I tried patting or massaging him, but that doesn't work) ...
ds did the same thing when he got his 8th tooth, they all came in one after the other, so he was having fun learning what these things in his mouth are. the grinding is normal, he only did it for about 2-3 weeks. Thinking about it I realized after I took him to the chiropractor he stopped grinding.
lotus birth - cord & placenta left attached detached after 3 days & all we did was wash the placenta & lightly wrap it in gauze my sister's daughter took 1 week (cord was cut at birth before it stopped pulsing & was treated w/ alcohol until it fell) I did lots of research since I wanted to do a lotus birth & 1-2 weeks for a cut cord is typical. Some infants also want to hold onto it a bit longer to help w/ the transition, that's normal.
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