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Hearing is June 27. I don't live close enough to Sacramento to attend the hearing. I will write letter or letters. (edited because I found the answer to my question)
Thanks, Monkeygrrl! I'm just itching to write a letter!!
Hi- just wondering if anyone knew the status of this legislation in CA? Is this a good time to write letters? I'll look around some more online, but thought I'd put this out there if someone is already knowledgeable about this. Not to threadjack the story about the cool ped!
Thank you both, very helpful!!
Hi- My daughter is turning 4 this Friday.  For her party, there will possibly be an 8-year-old sister of one of my daughter's friend's coming along.  I don't know the girl, just the 4-year-old who is my daughter's friend.  I'd like to have something on hand for the 8-year-old.  I COULD just give her one of the baskets we're giving the little-kid guests, but I didn't buy enough baskets.  :)  Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
I am loving all the suggestions!She asked me to show her so she could draw a particular letter, so I wanted suggestions on how to do that.
You file together with your DH. I'd go at least a paralegal or low-cost attorney. I found one online that charges after you file a one time fee of $900.00 or a monthly payment option. I paid the $900 do I don't know the details. Once you file, there is an automatic stay and no one can try to collect a debt from you during that time. There are debts that can't be discharged (like if you've had a judgment against you as in you injured someone, and there are a few others,...
I just filed chapter seven and it was easy and a huge relief. I don't check back all that often but feel free to pm me. All my debt is being discharged. You can keep some assets, especially a car worth under a certain value, even some savings. I'm sure it varies district to district but BK is federal so my experiences will be similar to what you would experience. I did use an attorney because I own a business. You could also look into a paralegal. Go with your own comfort...
I like reading these. 20 more little girl clothes off to friend Plus video that goes with Ergo I just sold. 131/2012
Thanks so much for the helpful replies!!! Lately she likes to have me show her the letters, which is nice, and tell her what things start with, and she's tried a few more letters. Fortunately, her name starts with H and she mastered that one a long time ago. I Love how little ones go from zero apparent interest in something to much interest in something. It's neat to see.
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