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The standard here is visits at home for first 3 days then usually 2, 4 and 6 weeks in the clinic....no matter where you give birth.
Have you recently introduced solids? That messed with my daughter's sleep for a LONG time. Oops, just realized this is an old thread. New poster....it sounds like the 4 month sleep regression for you. Ours just "ended" after about 6 weeks...
My son was sleeping an 8 hour stretch every night until the dreaded 4 month sleep regression arrived about a week or so before he hit 4 months old. We are just out of it now. He is rolling now and rolls to his tummy as soon as I lay him down (we bed share) and seems to prefer sleeping that way. He has just been sick but is now back to waking just once or twice most nights....and usually not until 4ish in the morning. He's almost 5 1/2 months now so about 6 weeks of LOTS of...
When do you think it's safe for an older kid to come into the family bed with baby? She mostly sleeps in her own room now but still wants to come in some nights but we say no. She has a "camp bed" (mattress on the floor) in our room but I'm just wondering when/if it will be safe for both of them in our bed?
We used a very similar one ( it had a bottom) for both kids and we were really happy with it. It definitely makes the early days more secure feeling if you are at all nervous. Our first was in it for about a month, second a bit longer.
I posted a long, likely very profound , update recently. But I got a browser error and it didn't post and I lost it. Bugga. Late but QOTD re: friends with no kids. My group of best friends were amazing with S and things didn't change that much. However, as she got older and I got pregnant again it has been pretty much the same story as starling describes. I feel a great sense of loss around it but I'm building a new community and feeling more hopeful we can make new...
That's what I've been reading a lot...that if they can roll over themselves they should be fine. Last night was night 3 of tummy sleeping and he slept 10-5! I ditched the sleep sack and just dressed him a bit warmer. I scoot down a bit and over so he has lots of room. I guess I'll continue to go with it!
He falls asleep on my lap nursing and then I lay him down beside me...he transfers fine surprisingly. He doesn't cry at all when he rolls on his stomach...he seems to love it. Two nights in a row and he's slept more than he has in a month! I guess he's ok....??
My son is almost 5 months old, sleeping beside me since birth but was in a nest for the first few months. Now he's just beside me on the bed. My daughter was the same. No issues except my son is a big roller now and the past few nights he wants to roll on his tummy to sleep. My daughter always slept on her back until she was about a year or even older so this is new to me. I have a few concerns.....first, he can roll onto his tummy no problem but can't always roll back to...
Congratulations, baby fatty!!
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