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Refurbished rainbow!
right on mama!
beautiful!! thanks for sharing :)
Thank you! I did and she says i'm a bit too far away. But did give me a contact # that I'll try tomorrow. :)
I am at a loss. I am 22 weeks pregnant and desperately trying to find a homebirth midwife in the triangle area. Can anyone lead me to someone?
we just sent in the application to rent a townhouse in chapel hill so i am itching to hear back and i know i will need to meet some people! my husband will be away on business and it will just be me and my son, so i can't go stir crazy. :) would anyone like to be facebook friends? maybe that would be a good way of seeing if we develop a friendship then we could meet up in person? or i'm open to suggestions. i don't go to LLL meetings, but will likely do that when this...
I have been living around the Triangle for over a year and because we thought we'd be leaving (we're just here on business) I haven't tried to make any friends. Now that I'm staying here while my husband will be working away from us, I would really like to get to know a few people and make some friends! We'll be moving near Chapel Hill in the next month or so. My name is Jessica and I have a 27 month old son and I'm 20 weeks pregnant.  Anyone out there? ;)
I can't help, but I'm in the same boat. :( I'm also near Chapel Hill and was going to contact carrboro midwifery when everything went down. 
I see it all the time, especially on mommy pages on facebook. all.the.time. 
just my husband and i....hopefully :)
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