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I would be extremely irked...and sad. I love treats as gifts from people and would have been honored to receive them from you. Especially with such a neat background recipe and generation-wise. And also how labor extensive they are. I wish I was your friend! ;)
pm me too? congratulations! :)
it could be also that the death of his mother shook him up and he had some sort of revelation. i would also take it one day at a time, but i don't think the gifts are something to be concerned about neccessarily. i am under the impression that he wants to be in your life and your family's and trying to start the only way he knows how being so far away.
this! the sickness thing is okay to me, i would never go see a new baby if i was sick. i would also never show up empty handed-i would bring a meal or snacks, but this is just rude.
i think you were in the right. i am sick and tired of poor customer service and i think i'm going to start snapping soon. ;)
gillian are you checking this thread still? birthing_new_life-maybe we could get to know eachother? i would love to meet some mamas close to me. i'm only 10-15 mins away! :) my hubby takes the car to work, but i know i could find time to meet up.
hey ladies. i know i've been missing....actually found another forum and have been posting there. i am still going strong on weight watchers and weighed in today at 173.8. update please? :) i am excited to start the new weight watchers points plus plan-my materials should be here soon. i bought them off of ebay. i wanted the books/calculator, but am not up for meetings and online just doesn't feel right for me. our internet connection isn't always the most reliable and...
hi mama! i was just reading your other thread, but didn't type anything, because i don't have the experience with a toddler. i am in burlington-pretty close to hamilton. i have a 6 month old son. i'm american and we're here on a work permit (our second)-working on applying for permanent residency. i lived in burlington before in 2008 for 6 months, but really didn't get out much even then without a baby! a little about me: i'm 24, married-we're a one car family and...
leather boots maybe some makeup
unfortunately i have to buy because it's grocery shopping day and we were going to get some beer, but as far as 'shopping'...no thank you.
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