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We started online.  We aren't a LLL chapter, nor do we have plans on becoming one, but we're a breastfeeding support group in a really small town.  :)   Our newspaper let us add it to the calendar free of charge.  Our blurb in the calendar says: "ThisLove's Town" breastfeeding support!  If you're interested in nursing, currently nursing, or have nursed a baby in the past, please join us!  We meet at ThisPlace at ThisTime.  Our website is ThisOne, please call ThisLove...
I want to say that it's only one (maybe two?) birth attendance for the CBE course.  Talk to Demetria, though.  She may be able to work with you, or it could be one of the last things you do, you know?  Don't discount it just because of that one part - there's SO MUCH more to the courses!
The BEC course requires 600 clinical hours.  The CBE course requires you to really reach out into your community (reports, interviews, attending births, etc)  ... by the time you're done, you're basically ready to teach.  You complete your class materials with the intention of using them later.  :) 
I'm a new BAI student (CBE and BEC) and am really impressed with the work so far.  I'd send Demetria an email if I were you!
I started to reply to this yesterday and decided to hold off - the group I started met tonight for the first time!  And people (other than myself) showed up!    I started it about a year ago online.  My first nursing experience was total crap - I fell into every possible 'trap' that was set for me (unnecessary nipple shields, pumping to determine volume, formula supplementation) and had destroyed what any supply I could have had by three months.  When my second came...
Thanks to you both!   Treece, I believe that she does receive WIC benefits, but I'm not 100% sure, so I'll bring it up the next time we speak.   shanniesue2, the closest LLL meets about an hour and 20 minutes away from her.  :T  It's just a little too far!  I'll send you a PM, though!
Pushing this to the top in hopes that someone has an idea for her.  :)  If you're a Momma in that area, please contact me - at this point, ANY support is important for her to keep on going.  Having someone local to her, just to tell her that she's doing a fantastic job, would be helpful.        
I know a Momma looking for lactation support in the Pawhuska, OK, area.  Closest LLL group meets over an hour away and she just needs someone to talk to and for local encouragement.  Please PM me, or email me (nursingondemand@gmail.com) if you can help!  Thanks!
My baby - 10 months - will not sleep. Ever. He doesn't nap. He doesn't sleep at night. I'm losing my freakin' mind. Yesterday, he woke up at 7am, napped for maybe 20 minutes all day (broken into one 12 minute period, one 8 minute period) and went to bed at 7:15pm. I nurse on demand, bedshare, wear him, SAH with him and my 2.5 year old (who's currently feeling neglected because I have zero energy and NO patience). I've tried every single thing I can possibly think...
I'm in the Louisville area ... It seems that the best chance is across the river @ Clark Memorial. There's an OB office that employs two CNMs that attend births over there. There's also an OB that attends VBACs at the University of Louisville's teaching hospital. Baptist Hospital East has a VBAC ban. I think that's the only one that specifically prohibits VBACs, though?
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