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My nephew is not allergic to dairy! And after reading up on the side effects of reglan, the only med he's on now is prevacid. He was a perfect angel the day of his baptism. Phew! My sil/bil were a nervous wreck thinking he'd be puking and screaming the entire time, but he actually slept on my husbands chest for about 20 minutes.
My SIL has been having a terrible time with her son. He was born Dec. 28, 5 days shy of being 37 weeks. She doesn't seem to be getting the answers to their problems and wanted to see if someone here has experienced the things she is. My nephew grunts and pulls off the breast, and kicks his feet, arches his back. He burps and passes a lot of gas. She says for 20 minutes at a time. He poops 10-15 times a day. His tummy rumbles all the time. And, he does everything...
We've used them to store crayons, and small things like balls that go to different toys.
Just precious Jenny!
Well, Audrey will be sporting her red white and blue FLAG this afternoon....however, I feel she'd be in the minority here at MDC, if she had a candidate's name or face on it. :LOL
I have a few knitting questions and wondering if some experienced knitters have the answers and suggestions: What causes your project to curl or roll? My mom started her knitting project of a scarf and it's rolled from the very beginning with the cast on stitches. Now it's starting to curl on the sides. What can be done to prevent this? What can be done to fix it? I'm using Lion Brand Homespun yarn to knit a scarf, but I've been having a problem with the yarn...
Actually, they aren't so much little squares, but more like something the size of a pot holder. I've always wanted to knit scarves, mittens, and hats...but also soakers for the girls are quite appealing too! I had been just doing the knit stitch, because my mom said that she found purling more difficult, so I kept procrastinating learning to purl. Well, last night I learned how to purl and come to find out I'm actually faster at purling than I am doing the plain knitting...
I'm so excited that I can finally use this to describe what I'm doing in my spare time!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I bought a little how to knit book and some yarn and a couple of pairs of knitting needles and we're knitting! Don't ask me what we're knitting...we're just practicing so we're calling our projects "somethings". My mom said that she used to knit squares a long long time ago so she's basically had to re-learn but her stitches look so professional! They are all so...
Wow...I just saw this and it's gorgeous and for such a great cause too! http://www.zolowear.com/product_deta...=2&colorid=163 On the main product page, http://www.zolowear.com/product_list...roductlineid=1 Darien has the sling photographed in a breast cancer pink ribbon position! Too cute!
I just submitted my custom order 15 minutes ago! I didn't order anything from the instock posting, but was just thrilled that I actually was up for the posting! :LOL
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