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Amanda, the program that Children Concerned has going isn't really a pen pal program. Rather, they are looking for moms and even grandmothers to serve as mother figures or mentors for the older girls and boys who can no longer be adopted--someone to pray for them and offer them guidance as they move into their adult years. If you are interested, you can contact them through their webiste: www.childrenconcerned.org, and they will pair you up with a child.
Congratulations Sugarbear! I just received the most beautiful letter from a girl in Liberia. Children Concerned has set up a program to provide support and prayers for the children who are too old to adopt (16 and up). I was paired with an 18-year-old girl. I wrote her a letter back in March, but had to wait for someone from the agency to actually deliver it, as there is no mail service in Liberia. I just received a letter from her on Friday. It was so sweet and full of...
Oh Sugarbear, I'm so sorry! I hope it can all be dealt with quickly.
Yeah Sugarbear! : How exciting! I am so happy for you! Please continue to keep us posted.
How wonderful Earthchild! How old is your child?
Amanda, their website is www.aboverubies.org. There, you can sign up for their free magazine that comes out every couple of months. It's wonderful!
Thank you for sharing Sugarbear! No, we are not currently adopting. Unfortunately, my husband does not share my desire to adopt. But, hopefully, he will change his mind one day! Best of luck with the remainder of your adoption process. Please update us when your children arrive!
Wow Sugarbear, that's great! If you get a chance, would you mind sharing what the process was like?
I'm a lawyer too! So nice to see so many others. I practiced insurance defense for four years before I had my oldest son. I've been doing freelance writing for legal journals ever since. No plans to go back and practice anytime soon since we are homeschooling.
I am so sorry. Please be honest with your daughter. My mother's father (my grandfather) committed suicide when my mom was just 7. My grandmother tried to "protect" my mom by not telling her right away, not taking her to the funeral, etc. When my mom became a little bit older, she resented my grandmother for this, and it took her a while to get over it. I think honesty works best when it comes to our children. My prayers are with you.
New Posts  All Forums: