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In addition to the previously mentioned magazines we get Boy's Quest and have recently ordered ASK and Cobblestone.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama~to~my~bunch How would a person start one? This is something we need in this area. Our group started out with park days. Every single week - same time, same day of the week, almost always the same place. It was predictable and comfortable and people got to know each other - then we were able to transition in to doing classes, co-ops, clubs, etc. Trying to get a commitment from people that don't know each other...
My local homeschool group has a very loose co-op going. Every other week we have a co-op day - we take turns leading and have had readers theater, seasonal crafts, a food allergy presentation (that was awesome), science demos, etc. We reserve a room at the library since most of our kids are too distracted by other kids' toys when we try to do things in people's homes. We often go to the park together afterwards so the kids have lots of good play time together without more...
We are reading SOTW book 1 and really enjoying it. Our local homeschool group has a SOTW club - we meet every other week and do an activity related to a chapter so we are on a slow and steady pace of 2 chapters a month. My kids love it and they are 6 and 4. We check out related books from the library so even after we have read the short chapter we have reinforcement to read at our leisure.
Quote: Originally Posted by theretohere We tried 100 Easy Lessons and DD1 hated it. That being said, we've kept it in case subsequant children like it. Same here. I am a credentialed teacher and the book still confused me. It bored me -- it wasn't likely to keep my kiddo's attention but I have hung on to it in case it is a better fit for my younger child.
Another Fuzzi Bunz fan. We have tried other pockets and different systems but always come back to good old FB.
We love Netflix for watching entire seasons of shows in one big swoop. Lost Prison Break Sopranos Oz Firefly And what has been released on DVD thus far of: Big Love Weeds
Tragically funny is right! We drove past the local elementary school on the way to the park last week and my kids noted the brand new play structure. Then they noted the fence. My 5 year old asked if those kids were TRAPPED there. I told him they weren't trapped but then he asked if they could go home to see their moms whenever they wanted. Uh, no, I guess not. So he has decided they are trapped there. I guess he is right. Poor kids
I don't make the transition because I have been their teacher since birth. Potty learning wasn't a struggle either. The toilet was offered and they used it when they were ready. Learning happens in our house naturally. It isn't contrived or forced. We read, we talk, we explore and we try things out. Learning opportunities are offered but never pushed. It sounds like you need to ask yourself if you expect homeschooling to look like school at home or something entirely...
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenwith4 5) I also keep 3 days a week as free days with nothing scheduled so that there are days of wide open spaces. Rushing around is one of the things we wanted to avoid by homeschooling. Too much of it makes me crazy which makes my kids crazy. Absolutely. Your schedule sounds exhausting. I really try to balance our days - we spend one day a week at the park for a good 4-6 hours so the day before and after I try...
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