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YES!!!!  I am trying so hard to slow things down, not get frustrated when she doesn't sleep, etc. just so I can soak up every moment with her.  (It's 99.9% that she's our last baby.)  Yet, I still feel like time has just flown by.  I mean, she'll be 6 weeks old on Saturday!  How did that happen?  I swear I just got home from the hospital with her...  
We are done.  DH is definitely done.  I think if he weren't so certain, I could be convinced to have a third baby.  However, I've always imagined a family of 4, and I feel happy and complete with my 2 girls. :)  I did tell DH he was in charge of birth control since he was more sure than I was.  He's already looking up urologists. :)  Though he isn't going to get it done immediately.  We'll probably hold off for a year so we're sure.   Since I got to experience...
Ashley doesn't like to stop moving.  At all.  So as long as I'm bouncing on a ball, walking, swaying, rocking, etc her, she's super happy.  But, omg, I consider myself to be physically fit, and I can't move like that continuously all day long!!  We are trying to get her used to her swing and bouncy seat, because I need a break!  We have lay time in the bouncy seat so she learns to associate it with something fun.  I have had to let her cry a couple times, because I put...
Congrats!!   What a cutie she is.
Oh no. I am so sorry to hear this.  My heart hurts for you and your family.   I, too, would like to hear sweet Mateo's birth story when you are ready to share.
    I love this so much.  What a poignant and lovely thing to say.  Congrats on your beautiful Desmond.
We mainly have onesies and lightweight sleepers.  We do have a couple cute outfits/dresses for church and a couple special occasions, the onesies and sleepers will do until it gets colder here.  Then it'll be onesies under fleece pullovers and heavier sleepers.
Stool softeners are your friend...  
EDD- 5/06/2011 Birthday Guess-  5/17/2011 Actual Birthday- 5/14/2011   Sex prediction- Girl! Actual sex- Girl!   Weight prediction-  7lbs 11oz Actual weight- 8lbs 12 oz   Length Prediction- 20 inches Actual length- 20.5 inches   Not too bad.  Although DD, who is 3yo, won our baby pool.  She correctly guessed the day, weight, and length. She was an hour and a half off from delivery time.
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