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We rented a doppler, to alleviate miscarriage anxieties, and heard it as well! Averaging about 160, very cool!   Find me on facebook (Lindsay Hollett) and Ill add you and then request you to the group - its a closed secret group
Escher - the best overall health herb, in my opinion, is moringa. In one serving it has 125% of your daily calcium, 60% magnesium, 22% of vitamin c, all your vitamin a and 71% of iron - amongst other things. it lowers blood pressure, Improves immune function, protects the stomach lining, and boosts energy. There are also studies being done to show that it helps treat cancer symptoms, ulcers, diabetes, and a whole host of other ailments. It truly is a super herb.   I...
Hey granite - I am on ravelry :) same username if you want to look me up, I would love to share knitting pages and see some other baby projects to get inspired!
Just started up on MDC again, haven't been here in ages! It's weird to be in a DDC but not actually be pregnant, but its nice for my partner to have a place to go as well. I am trying to stay away from the DDC so she has a place that is just her own - but I visit this thread :) I've also begun to post in the Queer parenting thread. There is also a facebook group for NGP's thats quite interesting and helpful for me - what would I do without the internet!   Have you...
Just want to throw it out there, I work for a herbal company, and have been blending herbs for years now, so if anyone is curious about which herbs are good for what I can certainly help, and would probably be able to send some your way as a little sample :) I love helping where I can :)   I dont really know how to throw myself into these big discussions so Im just going to go ahead and introduce myself (again, Ive done it before). Im lindsay. Mom of 4 soon to be 5....
Hey Escher - didn;t know there were other NGP's here, are we the only one's? How do you find navigating mothering when all the threads are geared towards the pregnant partners? Being the NGP has been a lot easier and a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be! How did you guys come to the decision for you not to carry this time?
Hey everyone!   I dont feel comfortable posting in the DDC as I am the NGP but here seams like a good place to start!   We got pregnant so easily that I am paranoid something is going to happen. We did 1 try (OMG!) with a known donor and a syringe and it took. We did do months of charting to figure out when she was ovulating, but it shouldnt have happened to easily. We almost feel, well, do feel, guilty that it was so easy for us, and so much harder for other...
Wanted to introduce myself here. I am Andi_mama's other half - the non pregnant one on the way to #5 :) Love this queer community :)
Thanks for replying granite - and for the pm! Whats your blog so we can be buddies, and maybe meet up one day. 
I dont think you are being selfish at all. The dad aside, you need to do whats best for your family - and if that means moving to find a better job etc than that needs to happen. Getting away from your childs dad might be healthier for you and them. 
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