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I would love to have a list of blogs to read, especially when I am feeling down, to not make me feel so alone. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 2 years ago and it has been a struggle ever since - including two hospitalizations and numerous suicide attempts.    My blog is   http://travelsthroughthedark.blogspot.com   Please post yours here so we can have a resource to lean upon and share. 
Under the new agreement, I know blogs cant be in signatures - but can we ask for them here? I am a mama with a partner and 4 wonderful kids. We are planning to have our next child next year, and would love to read some blogs about people who have btdt. This will be our first try at self insemination. We havent come out as having our next baby on the blog yet but its all about our family.    http://www.us2plusmore.blogspot.com
With my first I had all negative tests. In fact I never ever showed up positive on a pee stick. It was only after they drew blood that they determined I was pregnant.
You'll never be the same type of mother again - even if your kids are 10 years apart. Every experience changes our parenting - its just natural. My kids are close together. My parenting is definitely different. The older one adapts, she definitely grew up a bit - and while that sad for me, it probably affected me way more than it did her. She enjoyed helping to take care of the little kids. She enjoyed growing into a different role. That's what families are all about -...
I used to be thin too!!! Even after I had kids...It felt so good, and though it started off unhealthily, it turned into good eating and exercise. Sigh - I feel like even though I didnt give birth since being thin that my complete body shape has changed. My hips are sooooo much wider. IDGI...I had kids, those are supposed to widen my hips, depression is not lol.
My weight is 162.4, so a 1.4lb weight loss. Thats good - I suppose. I mean I know its good, and I know its the start of something - its just so frustrating. I used to be at my goal weight (after excerising and food changes) and then with all the meds I just ballooned, it feels sucky to have to work so hard for something I already achieved and could maintain before.
Can I join this one too?
Hopefulmama and Vermontgirl - thats fantastic. Absolutely amazing. Any weight loss is great! No  matter if its 4lbs or .6lb.   Mine.. Last weeks weight was: 165.4 This weeks weight is: 163.8   So a loss yes. I am going to celebrate when I finally get to the 150`s!
What an amazing video to watch - thank you so much for posting it. Happy Babymooning!
CONGRATS! I love that feeling that two pounds can make. I am still stuck at my 165....its very aggravating!
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