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I would say laundry. 1-2 loads a day? Holy Moly. We do. 6 loads a week - 2 of those loads are diapers. So we do 4 loads of clothes etc laundry a week. It helps that we gave ourselves laundry days - twice a week. We only do laundry on those days, and we wash everything in cold (except diapers). Pants can be worn more than once, so can pj's. I cant imagine doing 2 loads a day - Id feel like I was always doing laundry! phew!
I LOVE bravado nursing tanks! Im large chested and i dont get uni boob in them, and they hold everything in too
echoing what everyone else has said! Go for it! I wore dd#2 on my back for the first time at 8 days old. here's a pic: lol yes that is a large knife in my hand, I was making dinner... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...6&id=637110729
Everything that sunmama just said rings true for me as well....I couldnt have said it better - so I wont. Im sorry you and your girl are going through this
I think Id be okay with my DC doing it if she could tell me her reasons, and her reasons werent just "my friends are doing it" or whatever. If she can clearly communicate to me why she wants it, and why she feels its beneficial than its her body and her decision.
Apparantly everyone who is 8 is on FB...she is 50 friends (from gymnastics and school)...weird I know. You guys all said what I was thinking. But then I wonder....at what age should it be her decision? Or should she have a say? It cant honestly be until she is legal..I mean I know legally it is - but should she not be afforded the right to talk to her mom about these issues and how can she if she is not informed?....
So my neice posted on her FB that she had to get the Flu Vaccine...I asked why - honestly wondering if schools or her gymnastics was making it mandatory. Apprantly her mom says she has to get it so she doesnt get sick. (her mom is my sister). I want to say something, but dont think its my place - but also think at 8 she could learn something about shots etc. Do I say anything? What do I say... I just think it should be her choice to make...not my sisters...
Welcome! And congratulations. 1. Everyone is differnet. Some chose not to tell anyone. I chose to be honest with people, and tell them outright if they inquired. My mom asked, I blatantly said we were having an unassisted homebirth. I wont lie - she freaked. We went to a baby fair soon after and she took me around to all the midwives and tried to make them convince me to change my mind (and they did try). You have to go with what feels comfortable for you. I didnt want...
I have a moses basket on a rocker thing (got it from toys t us I think..) so pretyt much a bassinett. I love it! Absolutely love it! we co-sleep right from newborn but during the day I dont like to put dd#2 in another room, I like her near me, so the basket is set up in the living room and I just put her down in there. Works perfectly! I can tell when she is stirring before she cries because I see it moving, and she doesnt get used to sleeping in quiet because she is...
Congrats mama! Thanks for sharing your story! Its always nice/reassuring/something to read another one like mine.I felt quite shaky, lightheaded, and dizzy as well - but I still knew I was fine - I just needed to lie down. People think m crazy when i tell them that part (well..not on here..lol) because omg there must be something wrong! Congrats again!
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