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I did. My second was born in an apartment (SMALL!), and this one is planned in a rental house. I didn't (and haven't) told anyone associated with the apartment/rental aspect of it (like landlords, or neighbors I'm not friends with). I just did my thing. I don't do water births, tho. And I have read about the pools exploding and making a mess, but I'm not sure if that's a big concern (like, how often the pools leak).
Me too. I blame the whole "buy the maternity pants in the size your normally wear" advice. AS IF my belly just needs a few extra inches, while the rest of me stays cute and petite. HAHAHAHAHA! RIGHT. I have a maternity clothes 'coop' with a few friends of mine. We all keep the maternity clothes in one huge bin, and pass it on to the pregnant one. Thankfully, we've not been pregnant at exactly the same time (I'm six months behind one, and 7 months ahead on another). ...
Quote: I'm that parents sitting back and watching my children (2 and 5) play on their own. The playground here is made for very young children. I tend to let them play one their own (free play) and only intervine when they need something or they are doing something they can't/shouldn't do on their own. Of course if they want me to play with them I'm there too, but that doesn't happen much lol. Quote: I don't go onto the playground with my...
No name either. We're not going to name him until we meet him, as well. I have a short list of names I like, and DH has a short list of names he likes. We'll compare lists after the little guy gets here, and see what happens!
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl many women I know of (including myself) do not have membranes rupture until transition or even after actual birth. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to know the difference is real labor ends with a baby in your arms. Have you tried hydrating yourself and resting to see if they go away? Too true. With my first, my membranes ruptured, then contractions started about 2 hours later. With my...
I get that way, but later in the pregnancy and from heartburn/reflux. And I don't always 'feel the burn', but I can tell it's reflux from the coughing. I would think it's too early for you to have heartburn (the earliest mine started was 16 weeks), so maybe it's just as other posters suggested ... a variant of morning sickness?
I'm more uncomfortable this time around. I'm also blaming it on age and well as # of pregnancies - I'm 34 This is #3, and I notice a lot more round ligament pain, back pain, and hip discomfort. BUT, on the flip side, I don't have NEAR the problems with heart burn that I had with the first 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama~Love Just snippets here & there, but the worst by far was when DD#1 got the clippers on DD#2's head. Picture here. Her hair did grow out just fine . That just about stopped my heart. Ouf! Did you go for the 'cut-it-all-and-start-over' or 'make-do-with-whatcha-got' approach? When DS cut DD's hair, I decided to let it grow for a bit before evening things up.
Stephanie - One think to consider is creating a paper trail with the police, but without your ILs knowing. I dealt with a malicious ex-"relative" (a relative's former girlfriend and babymama!). At one point she came to my place of work with a crazy list of accusations. I filed a report with the police, but did not file a restraining order b/c I felt she was a very unstable individual who would escalate things very rapidly. And that is EXACTLY what I told the police....
I just started RRL as well. Initially hot, but with the weather here I'm switching to iced. I love iced tea!
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