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Just wanted to add my 2cents as well I don't think it's selfish at all. With both of my births I flat-out refused to call anybody. And I really didn't care either The only people who saw me immediately postpartum were my parents and my very close friend (who happened to be my doula for #2) - well, and my hubby. To be honest, I really can't be bothered to receive people. I feel that postpartum is my time to take it easy, recover, and get to know my new baby....
I would! As long as they were family-friendly - I would need to bring my other children with me. It's just not feasible for me right now to arrange childcare.
Ugh. I'm sorry your having to deal with the stress of that, Jane. I 'failed' my one hour test with my first, and flat out REFUSED the 3 hours test (I feel really sick when I get my blood drawn). So they sent me home with the glucometer. I also found it really stressful to test all the time. I obsessed over the numbers! And that was for a planned hospital birth - so no risking out of a HB hanging in the balance. Keep us posted on how everything is going.
Quote: Originally Posted by To-Fu I took iron supps but due to a bleeding 'roid, I ended up having to get IV infusions. Ouch. Last thing I'd want to do is aggravate the pregnancy hemorrhoid!
Quote: Originally Posted by MommaKitten21 Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks!! 4 more weeks and I can have my home birth I keep thinking the same thing! Counting off the weeks until I'm good for my HB...
It is going really really fast! It feels like time goes by faster with each pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks - it's hard to believe there's only 2 months and some change left! I'm totally not 'prepared', but am not worried about that at all. No names picked out, clothing...nothing. I just want to have a car seat before he gets here, but everything else feels like it can wait. It's such a different feeling from the first! Much more relaxed. I'm ready to go into labor...
Oh no! I am very sad to hear that. Please keep us posted. And take care of yourself. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you! (I'm DDC crashing ... I've been following your posts in other forums)
I almost risked out with #2. I can remember sending my husband to Sonic b/c "they have the BEST ice for crunching" (I was totally craving ice). I started taking chlorophyll and changed my diet, and things improved really really quick. My diet changes weren't really that big, so I'm attributing the change to taking chlorophyll. But it may depend on WHY you're anemic in the first place. I'm not knowledgeable in that area at all, and can only offer my (anecdotal)...
Quote: Originally Posted by chambom Is this what they do to everyone after when they push on your stomach to make all the fluid come out? It totally freaked me out, I had no idea the nurse was going to do that. Yes, that's it. Awful, isn't it?
WOW! Look what you did!! What a great story. Congrats! Enjoy your new baby.
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