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“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!”
I am also a fan of Bella Luna Toys! :)
I am a fan of Mothering on Facebook! :)
would love to win one of these. :)   The way I converted my hubby to baby wearing was to forget the stroller at a race I was running while he watched the kiddos. Out of necessity came his love for wearing our son. He kept saying, "This is sooooo much easier (than carrying him in his arms), why haven't i done this before now."
carmenmama - I feel the same way you.. I have my "regular" friends... but sometimes feel like I don't face quite the same parenting issues they do because of difference in parenting styles. Yahoo! has a Wichita Attached Families group. I just requested to join. It looks like it's a small but fairly active group.
I don't know why... but I'm seriously on the verge of a panic attack while reading these responses. My mom let my brother and I play outside in our FRONT yard and also go as far down the street as three houses and this is when we lived in California in a not-so-nice part of the city. I currently live in a sub-urban area of our city in Kansas and I cannot imagine letting our little ones outside by themselves until they're at least 14. I don't know why... I guess I've...
I agree with previous posters about skin-to-skin contact. It took about 5-6 days before my milk came in for my DS. The very best advice that I was given is: strip down to your undies and your little one in nothing but a diaper, snuggle up together under the covers in your bed, and just let your little one nurse as long as he/she wants to. It doesn't matter if you think he/she is getting milk or not... just let them suck. The sucking stimulates milk production and sends...
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom And Henry Weinhard's root beer, if you prefer. Does that seriously help with milk supply?? We have to drive 525 miles to Denver (the nearest place that sells it) to get our Henry Weinhard's Root Beer. We'll buy about $40 worth and then drink it on special occasions through out the year... If it really does help with milk supply... then I might be able to convince hubby that we need to make a trip to...
Earth Mama Angel Baby makes an Herbal Mint Lip Balm that is incredible. It works wonders on my lips. I used to use the medicated chap-stick for the last 5 yrs. Then, right before I had my DS, I got severe chapped lips for almost a week and the chap-stick wasn't helping. I used the EM Lip Balm and they were healed in two days. Amazing stuff!!
I would definitely make sure you wear double nursing pads or something waterproof that day to stop any leakage problems. I agree with the others that you could probably use a handpump to pump off just as much as needed to avoid painful engorgement.
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