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A mom mentioned she puts the cut apples for kids snacks in salt water to prevent oxidization. What is that about? Is it necessary?   Thanks.
I would like to make some. Can someone please recommend an easy recipe, for a first time fermenter?   I don't use whey. Thanks.
I am considering doing the MRT test for my child and myself. Has anyone here done it recently, and would recommend someone for it?   I'm in Canada, so I don't think there is anyone local. I would do phone consultations.   Also, is this an IgE or IgG test? Or does it test both types of groups?   Thanks so much!
There are many different alarms available at very different price ranges.   What would be recommended here?   Some of them are: 1. http://www.dri-sleeper.com/index.htm 2. http://www.thinkhealthe.com/baby/chummie-premium-bedwetting-enuresis-alarm-treatment-system/?gclid=COX806nEoLgCFe9FMgodAw0A4Q 3. http://www.enureflex.ca/monitors.htm?gclid=CMXa6IvGoLgCFcc-MgodB0wAtg  $399   Thank you very much!!!
I'm EBF. I know it's probably food related. I'm off dairy now. What are the main foods I should be off? I assume Gluten, but that's a bit hard, and do I also have to remove all acidy foods?   Thanks.
Some of my births have been quite quick, and 2/4 times, I needed medication after delivery, due to very heavy bleeding that wasn't stopping.   My doctor told me that my hospital likes to give an oxytocin injection at the beginning of the delivery to prevent the heavy bleeding, and help the body do it right. It's a routine thing they do, that I could refuse.   I normally don't do any interventions, no epidural..., but considering my situation would it be better to...
Has anyone here used this in recent years? Any comments pro or against? I know one woman who used this as she was trying for a VBAC - and her kid's heas was huge, while she's really small! She feels that this helped her have only a minor tear, and a really natural midwife birth.   Another woman asked me about it, and I was wondering if there is any more info around?   Thanks.
Can anyone help me figure this one out?Thanks.
The numbers used here are different than in the US. I had a blood test done recently for myself, and a year ago for my kids. Can someone translate the numbers in comparison with the US ones?   Vitamin D 25 Hydoxy 25 OHD2          0     nmo/L 25 OHD3         85    nmo/L 25 OHD           85     nmo/L           normal range: 75-250     DS1 Vitamin D 25 Hydoxy 25 OHD2       8     nmo/L 25 OHD3     157   nmo/L 25 OHD       165   nmo/L            ...
Thank you very much. I have always had friends with migraines, but never had to actually deal with it. This is all so new to me. I read the other thread also. A bit of H.W. for me!! Will call the eye doctor tomorrow for an appt, and start writing.
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