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UPDATE POST 10.   It's been about 2 weeks that I have joint pain at night, and by day it's mostly my feet. It's extremely painful to walk... It started with a slight fever of not even 24 hrs., and a sore throat.   By the time I got to the Dr., the throat was fine, and it was mostly my feet then. He sent me for a blood test for Rheumatic fever. A friend mentioned that it sounds more like an infection, since it was a sudden onset, and I don't normally suffer from...
We had gone to an EMT to do it, and he used Super glue, with steri strips. We waited a few days to start bathing, and the steri came off after 7 days, and the glue was still on. 24 hours later I noticed it was open. I put honey with gauze and the fabric tape yesterday. Hedoesn't complain of it hurting him or anything. Only when I was putting the  stuff on it.   Thanks again.
My baby is 15 months old, what would be  a recommended schedule and which vaccines to give? We live in QC.   I don't get on-line more than once in 2 weeks, so don't have time to research anymore. Also, my 3 yr. old had the first dose of MMR, and I never gave the second yet, bec. at that time my friend's baby developed Autism, so I was afraid to do it. Should I do it now, or is 1 dose enough?   Do the older ones need the DTP at 4+? That's where I'm holding with...
My ds, age 3, banged his forehead, and he got a cut. It bled for 3 minutes and then stopped. We went to have it glued, rather than stitched, but after 8 days it re-opened. I put organic honey after having read it that it works for cuts and stuff. I have a band-aid over it, and it isn't bleading.     How long should I do this for, and is it fine to do this?   Thanks, Ana
Thanks everyone.
Has anyone bought glasses like this? Are the presciptions accurate with online glasses? I'm looking between Zennioptical.com, and Glassesunlimited.com.   They're really cheap, but I don't want to take a chance of ruining my eyes.A friend just bought at Zenni and is happy.   Thanks, Ana
It's under $100, made from Australian wool with a cotton cover. Is it natural and good? Is it recommended?   Does anyone have it?   Thanks, Ana   Can someone please fix the title spelling? I can't get my computer to fix the Canada. Thanks.
My baby's 9 months now, so a bit overdue of a review. My experience in LaSalle was great! They were nice, didn't force anything. It's preferable to know French, and I know almost no French, so a bit harder with the language. Most of the nurses have a broken English, though the doctors are fluent in English. I used a Dr. at the the Nazzareth clinic. It's great that you enter the hospital directly to the birthing dept, and don't have to take a walk through the...
HI! I need a convection oven with 2 racks to be able to cook 2 pans at once. It will be for food, not toast/ pizza... The Hamilton Beach ones don't fit a 9 x 13. Is there a convection oven out there for a decent price, (not the price of a full stove/ oven) that can comfortable fit 2 9 x 13 pans? Thanks, Ana
It's on sale this month. Is it a good Vit. D test? It's cheaper than at other places. Thanks, Ana
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