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My DS is just about 8 months old, and I'd like to know what the recommended foods are on a TF diet. Thanks.
It's a tooth that has been bothering me for several years, and several dentists! Today the dentist did a test on it, since x-rays shows nothing wrong. He drilled though the filling and into the tooth. I felt NOTHING! Cosidering the fact that most of my teeth are sensitive to almost everything, this was most unusual. He explaine that my tooth is pretty much gone, so I'm going to do a Root Canal. What homeopathic remedies, or vitamins etc... can I do for before and after....
Thanks everyone. Isn't SAF and Red Star produced by the same company? In the description on the website there, I didn't see much difference between them. Thanks again.
Correction to what was really done: They checked the regular D and it was fine, so they didn't do the rest. That's what my Dr. told me Friday. I don't have $$ for it now. What I'll do in a few months is through the Vit D council. A year and a half ago I tested in the US, (there they're much better, and my oldest and I were both in the 20's, that's why I don't understand how here it came out fine.) Part of living in Canada with govt. medicine. (Looks like this is what...
Which is better, or are they the same? I need it mostly for bread, and I usually make a 2-5 lb. batter at a time. What are the differences and similarities between these yeasts? Thanks, Ana
I had my kids iron and Vit. D tested. After I left my Dr. I noticed that they had only received the results for Routine Hematology, but not the D yet. I'll ask them tomorrow to get it from the hospital. I have a question on the iron though: DS1 - 5.5 yrs. old: Ferritin: (Ref Range: 6-110) He got 8 - is that fine, or sort of low? Hgb: (Ref. range: 115-155) He got 115. - just, just. Hct: (Ref. range: .340 - .400) He got: .349 Rel. Lymph (Ref range: .30-.48)...
I asked my Dr. to recommend it, and she actually listened! I just got the results for the iron, but I see they didn't include the D, so I'll need them to call the hospital to get those results. They tested: Vt. D 1, 25 Dihydroxy and Vitamin D 25 Hydoxy I'm in QC. Good LUck!
Has anyone here tried it for mild learning issues? I'd love to get some feedback, since it's been recommended by some friends. It's for a 5.5 yr. old. Thanks, Ana
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