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Does anyone here have experience with it? I was considering Brain Gym to help my son with some minor learing issues he has, but recently heard about the Arrowsmith program - that it's supposed to be even better. I would love to hear some feedback on both. Thanks, Ana
I need it unseasined due to keeping Kosher. The seasoning isn't exactly done with a Rabbi seeing it. Thanks.
To help supplement iron into our diets. Does anyone know of one that is NOT pre-seasoned? Thanks, Ana
Thanks Rachelle. Where do I find all the information for RDA?
I've fried it in a batter (used almost the same batter as for onion rings, and they were YUMMY). It's buckwheat, seltzer, and a couple other things... I'd have to look. Does seltzer have any allergens in it, I'm not having it checked again, I already sent him my new questions, so it will be a long while to recheck. He also can't have buckwheat. We pan fry (no flours) with salt & pepper - NO spices now. I poach salmon. I haven't tried it with other fishes though. What is...
How do I know if my kids are getting enough vitamins and minerals. None of the vitamins I was using tested good, and someone else told me, that her kids were also off all vitamins for a little while. But her kids are doing great now - and she's only off a few items now for each. Thanks again. Ana
Thank you. I can have it shipped to the US too. Any other companies around? Thanks, Ana
I bought a Carbon Monoxide alarm, but it only starts at 70 ppm. I took the car to 2 garages, and they didn’t find anything wrong in the car, just some new oil in the breaks, and something else with the breaks. No leaks... I only feel this way when I’m driving, not a passenger. The idea of a panic attack is interesting. What does that mean? I don’t think I have panic attacks. Thanks again
Hi! I’m looking for some recipes for tuna patties, and something else that can be done with tuna and also with flounder. This is for a gluten free, egg free child, he also can’t have lemon juice, and onions. He’s bored of flounder fried in flour. He could have potatoes, sweet potatoes and squashes. Thanks
It's an energy testing, and the people who recommended doing it with this person told me that in the beginning, most things are out, and then if careful most comes back in. And they said he is very accurate - as they have seen with their kids. (One did her whole family.) Basically, there are certain foods that are not good for their body, but after a few years of eating it with other foods, more things affect the body Once the body is strengthened, the small intolerances...
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