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My kids make bubble bath out of our organic shampoo. It takes a second for them to spill the bottle . I need something cheaper. Which bars are good and not too expensive. For myself - I have oily hair, and BS works O.K., - it'll take 2 days for my hair to get very oily, and sooner with shampoo. ACV I do from time to time, too often and my hair is right away oily. Thanks, Ana
Where can I find recipes for very restricted diets? I'm in the process of testing my kids, and have some results. One of them can't have the above and soy, fruit, spices, onion, oils, (only corn oil.) No buckwheat, beef, sugar + a whole bunch more. He can have corn products. He could have spelt even though the other gluten weren't good. There is a honey that's ok. He can have only one company rice milk in plain! I need some recipes, and also a cake of some sort for...
Thanks. There are some on sale this week, so it's cheaper. Where can I get a cast iron pan for a decent price, new? Thanks again.
It's a non-stick cookware. Does anyone know if it's as healthy as they say? http://www.earthchef.ca/earthFriendly.html I really need a frying pan and was wondering if it's worth getting this. Thanks, Ana
I just changed pedi., and my son had a 2 yr. check-up at the onld one (who's a dr. for 30 yrs. and didn't notice anything there, but the new one is a dr. for only a few yrs. and she caught it. He was ten checked by another dr., as she wanted a second opinion, and he said the same. But he said it's not urgent since we caught it at this age. Re: surgery. QC Health care isn't the greatest, and I know people who needed urgent surgeries - and waited 6 months, and one is...
Thanks everyone. What are mucus forming foods?
HI! I need 1-2 recipes on non-dairy Ice cream, and 2 recipes of a simple non-dairy cake for my kids. 3/4 can't have eggs, and 2/4 can't have dairy. I just need something simple to be able to have on hand. It can be with wheat flour or spelt flour. Also, what can be used istead of mayo. for sandwiches, tuna? Thanks so much, Ana
My 2 yer old's left test. has not descended. The word is: Cryptorchidism. We'll have an u/s done to see where it is. The next appt. for an u/s is only in November, so we have some time, and if it's too high up they do surgery - which is again a few months wait. We have some time, but is there anything natural to do do help bring it down? Thanks, Ana
My baby had his newborn hearing screening, and in the right ear it didn't go through due to fluid in the ear. He has no cold or ear infection. Is there something natural to do to get rid of the fluid? His left ear is fine. My ped. will give a maximum of 2 months to clear, and if not then off to an ENT. Thanks, Ana
I'm looking for a place that cleans the car with steam etc... and not regular chemicals. I also would like to have it checked for an exhaust leak etc., since I suspect there might be something there. Can anyone recommend a location ( or 2 locations if it can't be done in the same place)? Thanks, Ana
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