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Has anyoned tried these products? It looks too good to be true. All natural ingredients, and they write where each one comes from... Is this recommended? Thanks, Ana
I got the Vivetique Crib Mattress from Organic Grace, she has it on sale now. However for the twin size I'm still stuck. At Foamorder I can get a block of foam and an organic cotton cover for a great price, but it has no fire retardent. Does anyone know of a wool zippered cover that can go around the mattress? Or does anyone have another idea of what to do? Thanks, Ana
Are Shaklee ingredients all natural? Probably not organic? So is it healthier for the home than for example Melaleuca? And is it healthier than vinegar... (I have grains based)? I'm starting to go green, and have a lot to learn!! Ana
There are so many latex mattresses. The more I look, the more companies I discover. And I'm going in circles. What is the best latex? One company told me that both Dunlop and Talay aren't 100% natural because they need added ingredients to form them, and I should look only for real latex. I'm looking to get the Savvy Crib, but for a twin I need something cheaper then the average priced mattress. I'm trying for under $500, for a mattress with a cover. The...
What do you use to remove normal spit/ child stains from white clothing? From shirts, undershirts... I tried hydrogen peroxide, borax, vinegar, TTO, yet nothing helped. What else is recommended? Thanks, Ana
Hi! I use TTO, but have heard that it isn't good for all kids, especially boys, because it can change estrogen levels. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks, Ana
Quote: Originally Posted by Lemon Juice If you research before buying you can find CFL's that are practically mercury free at .5 picograms. The first indicator of an eco freindly CFL is an endorsment by the USGBC LEED. Can you give us a clue as to which companies fall into this category? Thanks, Ana
I would really like to change my lighting. Does anyone know what it is? Thank you, Ana
Kimana, which CFL's do you use now? I see you've done the research. So what is your opinion of the Full Spectrum, like the Blue Max? That company talks to me, based on what I've read on full spectrum lighting. Thanks, Ana
Do you need to keep on taking DOM for it to work? Or can you take it for a week or two, and will your body then get used to making more milik? I have been taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle for a really long time, and it isn't really helping. Thank you, Ana
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