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I purchased these in the past, but the price went up. Does anyone know of any websites that sell it for cheaper, or that carry slightly imperfect ones?The Coyuchi is so much cheaper, but I have one twin and one crib of the leaf pattern, and the other bed in the room doesn't match at all, and I can't spend $80 on a sheet. I also don't want the $$ I spent on the linen to go to waste by buying new linen after 2 years. Thanks so much, Ana
Congratulations! Cute name!!
Congratulations! Enjoy the new baby!
Congratulations! You're so positive! Enjoy!!!!!!!
First of all, thanks to all for the things I have learnt here. Our son was born 8 days ago, his circumcision was today. I did not give Vit. K in the end, and with him being born early, hadn't managed to get the Kosher info. from the company regarding the oral. He is not bleeding now, so a baby who's healthy and fine, can be circumcised, without the "additional" Vit. K. I birthed in a small local hospital, not the big ones that are a 2 minute drive from my house. I...
At what age should I start giving my 8 day old baby Vit. D? I live in cold Canada, with no sun currently. The nurse from the CLSC told me to start already? Also, how much do I give? (It's D3) Thanks, Ana
Thanks. I had bought a pack to have for those emergencies, and I later noticed that it had a coupon for more vents that expired on Dec. 08, but after posting and seeing that I needed the vents, I went on their website and saw that it was extended to June, so I called and they said I can still redeem it, so we're fine. Thanks again.
I have a few Born Free bottles, and not all the vents. Do they need to be used with the vents? It's not a daily use bottle, it's just for emergencies, so it's not like this is the baby's only way of eating and if the bottle gets full of air we're stuck. (Do the vents really make such a big difference?) Thank you, Ana
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