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Hello, My name is Grachelle and I am a children's therapist and African American mother to 5 children, 3 biracial (AA and White)and 2 African American. I am teaching a class for a friend of mine at an agency that works with foster care and adoption. The topics will be: Hair Care Skin Care Culture and anything a new family raising African American and Biracial children should know and be aware of. I was wanting some input/tips from the group and epsecially...
Infant Mental Health Specialist, I start next Monday!!
Hello Ladies, I'm so glad I found this site.: I have a almost 3 month old and took her for her shots this week. Originally I thought I wouldn't vax for the firts 2 years but after doing more research and taking into account the area we live in, I decided to start with Dr. Sears SELECTIVE VACC SCHEDULE. My other 4 children were all vacced on the regular scheule and did fine, but you do what you can when you know more. So with my new baby I felt more knowledgable about...
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