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I think with the disorganisation you describe ebaying stuff right now is only going to hold you back. The time sent listing could be spent decluttering. Unless its a big ticket item your time could be better spent?
I suffer from fatigue too after having cancer! Being minimal helps as it makes stuff so much easier!
We've had to politely say 'no' a lot over the years. I too find it disrespectful when family go against our wishes (They don't often.) I've heard that gift giving is some people's expression of love but if you had the discussion time and time again, I think wishes should be respected. I've been very open about how much stuff has gone to charity over the past years too so I think family know stuff that is not needed will be 'binned' (Basically sent to charity/recycled etc
I have a white Ikea recycling with a flip open lid at the front which all the shoes get thrown into which works well, we're a family of four. I prefer them to be hidden rather than on show as our front door in our cottage opens straight into our front room, we have no porch/entry way.
Love how do you plan to place them in your room? I'm looking for ideas
I'm not sure love, I've never actually tried one before, I don't even know if they've available in the UK. I have read about how toxic regular mattresses can be though, although I've read Ikea mattresses tend to be better than most if that makes sense?! Are you going for regular height beds or low level beds?
Thank you for the information OP? We're they awfully expensive? How have you decided to arrange your three singles? I can't wait to get onto my children's bedroom!
I think wall cabinets would make it feel more claustrophobic, I think the idea if rotating toys would be a great solution.
A floor bed, something like this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00161837/ would make it feel a lot less claustrophobic and appear more spacious.
OP, where do you get your wool mattresses from and are they comfy?
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