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I have two children in a small room and we intend to buy these from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00161837/ I'm figuring as it is a floor bed, it won't take up so much space visually in the room. We're putting them as an L shape against two wall in the small room then putting beautiful duvet covers on to look pretty. You could have a single bed (sorry I'm from the UK so don't know USA bed terms) in the room and then pop ones of these as a trundle...
Could you link to where you get the spiral bound books made up please?
So, here's an update, we did it, we've bought our tiny house and we're moving in three weeks time! It isn't the house I originally wrote the post about, it's another house in the city where I live. It's a two bed/two reception room victorian period property in the south west of England (for people new to this thread we're a family of four.) The house is 540 sq ft. I'm extremely excited to be downsizing like this and am really looking forward to the challenge!
Welcome! Let us know your progress!
Also, I freely admit that I bought the Lego because~ a) I knew they would enjoy it. b) but mostly because I felt pressurised by society to get them a toy, because 'it's Christmas.' I'm not particularly comfortable with that, but it's the truth! They do not 'need' any more toys. They have a very simple play area in comparison to most children today, but it is more than enough. If you scroll down my blog post here...
Wow, that is brilliant to hear! We had a very simple Christmas, the children's stockings had no rubbish, just useful stuff like new socks and hairbands and underwear. The most 'fun' item they had each was an Usbourne sticker book. They had a sibling present between them, Lego campervan (£15) and some Lego cops and robbers (£20) but even keeping it very simple, it still added up money wise. I think it was because things like new socks and cute underwear is expensive in the...
Great idea about the photo! I should take a picture of our play space!It looks like you have a wonderful selection.Does she have a baby doll in her room? My four year old girl loves her baby doll and stroller.
Any updates Mommel about your tumbleweed house? We're downsizing from a large rental and buying a 558 sq ft cottage here in the UK for 2 adults and 2 children and I'm looking for inspiration!
We're hoping to buy a very small Dyson vacuum which apparently can sit on someone's hand (?!) it's so small, but I haven't see it in person yet. We have a teeny tiny cupboard which we are planning on storing it in in the new house which also house the fuse box!
We're also trying to get rid of as much as possible out of our rental property, we are soon buying a 558 sq ft cottage (2 adults, 2 children) and even though I've been decluttering for two years now on and off it seems like we still have a lot of stuff , even though bags and bags have left the house. I'm working on it daily now up until the move, to try and make a difference. If I don't, it's simply not going to work. I dream off a clean slate and very simple...
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